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WC in Conscious Choice

Conscious Choice magazine designed a beautiful 2-page spread in their most recent issue featuring the Worldchanging book and photography from our ally Ed Burtynsky. Check it out below:



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Recently I have awoke from being asleep my whole life (metaphorically of coarse). I've decided to go into a career in intelligence gathering (of all careers) because I feel that not only could I use it for personal political investigative journalism, but I plan to be an investigator in the field of bioethics. I feel that in the VERY near future, the capitalistic nature is the real demon behind the motive to misuse and abuse the potential heavenly blessings of biotech industries and... Hellatious curses it and the recent nanotech initiative could (probably most likely) bring.
My problem is that I do not have a lot of people to talk to over this dire position of responsibility. I feel, I am a visionary to some extent but I feel as well this coming environmental reality in nature is blantantly obvious, but still people fail to see the implications. I am presently taking it upon myself to learn survival measures in the hopes I can teach them if I happen to stay alive during the oncoming possible armageddon of an economic collapse (with the possibility of corrupt corporations taking control of governance). I am lonely in these ideals. Does anyone share these sentiments as well? Please reply - I need to know that to care about wholistics are really not supposed to be called eccectricities or is even being an activist. It should be our instinctual nature. WAKE UP! Then realize we can live in a heavenly dream instead of a nightmare. :o) Please reply if this speaks to you.


Posted by: Derrick Noble on 12 Feb 07



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