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News & Views Round-Up, January 2007
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You may not have yet noticed the small box mid-page titled News and Views, but it's a feature worth watching. Every day, our team writes about several important new innovative solutions to big planetary problems, but in general we hear about many more interesting ideas and pieces of news than we can properly address. The best of the stories we don't cover get chosen and collated as headlines in News and Views by Worldchanging contributor David Zaks. It's like a little Worldchanging news service. Here are January's headlines. -Alex

Edge 2007 - What Are You Optimistic About?
The Top Ten Stories You Missed in 2006
Experts Getting a Handle on Concrete
Gentlemen, Start Your Plug-Ins

Power-Sipping Bulbs Get Backing From Wal-Mart
Greening the Ivory Tower
A Grass-Roots Push For a 'Low Carbon Diet'
India's Big Plans for Biodiesel
'Green' Projects Get Serious; So Does the Money

Making Carbon Trading a Fair Trade
Norway To Purchase Greenhouse Gas Quotas
Mexican Insurers Go For 'Microinsurance'
Be It Ever So Homespun, There’s Nothing Like Spin
Buildings That Breathe

Plugging Into the Sun
Intelligent Growth: A Vision for a New Low-Energy Economy
Sportswear From Corn-based Textiles
New Soybean Pulls Nitrogen From Soil, Not Air
China's Coal Future, pt.1

Part II: China's Coal Future
Oprah's Academy: Why Educating Girls Pays Off More
Enel to Build Wind Farms in U.S., Canada
Breeding is bottom line to cut methane
The Land of Rising Conservation

India President outlines energy independence plan
China: A Scene Set For Change
How To Save The Planet By Borrowing
Taking Control of Electric Bill, Hour by Hour
Building a green revolution

L.A. Ports Eye Maglev Trains to Cut Pollution
Google Hires William McDonough to Design Green Center
Online Activism 2.0: Movement Building
ENERGY 2020: A Vision of the Future
Summit Aims For 'Greener' Housing

New Vaccines Against the Flu
Mapping Climate Change?
Finding the Green in Building Renovation
Can We Create A World Without Waste?
EU Plans 'Industrial Revolution'

Corn Ethanol Crisis Looming, Says Watchdog
Cities Most Innovative in Global Warming Fight
California Plans Major Carbon Cut in its Gasoline
Art Museums Catching on to Green Building
Uncruel Beauty

Powering GM's Electric Vehicles
Tech Trash Talk
Creating Real Prosperity
Blue Puddle
U.S. Homeowners Can Now "Rent" Solar Panels, Saving Money

A Bank For Wind Power
Insurer Demands Climate Change Action
Getting a Charge Out of Manure and Seawater
Connecting the Global Warming Dots
Never Too Old to Save the Earth

Venturi Eclectic: The 1st Energy-Autonomous Vehicle
Golden Globes Going Green with Eco-Friendly Party
Cell Phones Getting Greener
Dr Strangelove Saves the Earth
End of the Road for the US Gas Guzzler

Plug+Play Construction
When Being Green Raises the Heat
The Footprint of a Cheeseburger
Emission Caps Could Help EVs
Unified Green Field Theory

Why Termite Guts Could Bring Better Biofuels
Survey Shows Strong Support For Offshore Wind Power
UN 'Should Take Lead on Climate'
Bio-Intensive Mini Gardens
Solar Power Eliminates Utility Bills in U.S. Home

Beyond the Green Corporation
Imagine No Home Heating or Cooling Bills
The Challenge Facing Local Food
Defra Ups Carbon Offset Standards
Can Orgnanic Farming Save Us From Climate Change?

Habitat 67, Modular Housing
Find Toxic Wastelands via Google Earth
Big Oil Gets Punked
New Quest in British Politics: Public Happiness
Public Transportation Saves $6,200 Per Household, 1.4 Billion Gallons of Gasoline

Cameron Sinclair: With Jefferson on His Side
Programs Let Homes Produce Green Power
New Products Say It Loud: They're Green and They're Proud
Cyberlux Claims Lighting Breakthrough Better Than LEDs
The First Fuel-Cell Motorcycle

Group Formed to Support Linux as Rival to Windows
A Light Bulb Goes On, and China Starts Thinking
Cuba Seeking to Drop Oil Dependence
Trading Bright Green Ideas
Nobel laureates Say Sustainability Needs More Than Science

Verdi Modular Landscaping
Battery Breakthrough?
Could Smart Urban Design Keep People Fit and Trim?
'Heat Mining' Could Be Key U.S. Energy Source
Millions Pledged to Save 'Canada's Amazon'

Sachs Says It Is Possible to Meet MDGs
Hydrogen-Powered Lawnmowers?
Manure Magic
Tapping of Granite Could Unleash Energy Source
The Tipping Point

Oliomap is Your Wikimap For Biodiesel and VegOil Services
Notes From the ‘Global Place’ Conference
The Final Word on Recycling
Unions See Greenbacks in 'Green' Future
Emission Impossible?

8 Technologies For a Green Future
Google Does Gapminder
Can Polyester Save the World?
Banana Drama
Portugal Wants Renewables to Meet Nearly Half of its Electricity Needs

Canadian Researchers First To Complete The Human Metabalome
Phaeton’s Reins: The Human Hand in Climate Change
China Pushing for Energy-Efficient Buildings
Photo journal: Harvest in Caracas
A Closer Look At What '$100 Laptop' Will Be

Sustainability in Design Moves onto the Corporate Agenda
Unhappy Meals
California Making it Easier to Connect Renewables to Grid
Nanoengineered Concrete Could Cut CO2 Emissions
Air-freighted Food May Lose Organic Label

Net-Zero Homes: The Future Lives Here
Worldmapper Draws Attention to the World's Health Inequalities
Landowners Plant Trees to Consume Gases
Indonesia Wants Countries Paid to Keep Forests
Paris to Roll Out Free Bicycles

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Great idea, thanks a lot! Do you think that you could set up an RSS feed to that page specifically? It would be an excellent addition to your daily update.
Thanks again

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