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Influx Interviews
Sarah Rich, 1 Feb 07
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A lot of us on the Worldchanging team -- and surely a lot of you -- spend quite a few days each year attending conferences. Exhausting as they usually are, there's no better way to ingest high-concentration inspiration than in three days packed with conversation between brilliant minds and leading voices. Since we can't be everywhere at once, though, the next best thing might look something like the recently released Influx Interviews Thought Pack from Influx Insights, a very worthwhile blog that tracks emerging trends in branding and marketing, with a heavy emphasis on design, tech and social responsibility.

Influx compiles their Thought Packs on a regular basis, as a round-up of the best work from their daily survey of the branding frontier. The Interviews edition is absolutely worth a download, filled with insight from a number of Worldchanging allies and icons who the Influx team has interviewed over the last two years. I was happy to see included a conversation with Karl Carter, the "VP of Marketing and Vanguard Ideas" for the youth-driven, user-generated Current TV. I saw Carter speak a few years ago about Current's vision for engaging youth in the production of their own media and found it to be an inspiring new take on what MTV might once have been -- an entity for empowering and giving voice to a population whose ideas are shaping the future.

In the Social Responsibility section, we find our own contributor, Jonathan Greenblatt, alongside Ethos Water co-founder Peter Thum; Worldchanging ally Kierstin De West of Vancouver-based Conscientious Innovation , talking about brand-consumer relationships; and Gillian Caldwell of Witness. Design visionary John Thackara talks about collaborative design; John Horrigan of the Pew Internet Project talks about increased access to broadband; the list goes on.

The Thought Pack presents each interview in a concise, digestible portion -- just enough to get a flash of illumination. If one of them piques your curiosity, there are links and resources for each at Influx. To request your own [free] Thought Pack, click here.

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