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News & Views Round-Up, February 2007
David Zaks, 1 Mar 07
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We come across a lot of interesting ideas and innovative solutions, but we choose only a few to discuss in detail. The best of the stories we don't cover get selected and collated as headlines in News and Views. It's like a little Worldchanging news service. Here's the news for February. -Alex

1- Feb

  • The Mouth Revolution
  • Al Gore Nobel Nominee
  • UAE Has Biggest 'Ecological Footprint'
  • Calif. Lawmaker: Turn Off Old-Fashioned Bulbs
  • Sugar in The Gas Tank? It Might Run Your Car Someday
  • 2-Feb

  • Climate Change Only One Symptom of a Stressed Planet Earth
  • Wal-Mart CEO Announces Company-Wide Sustainability Plan
  • Princeton Profs Drive 'Wedges' Into Policy Debate
  • The Greenness of Cities
  • Top Multinationals Pledge to Cut Carbon Pollution
  • 3-Feb

  • WC Book in NY Times
  • French Students to Get Open-Source Software on USB Key
  • Worms + Garbage = Green Success
  • BP Funds Biofuel Research With $500M
  • Tokyo's Sky City
  • 5-Feb

  • All U.K. Pupils To Be Given Lessons in Climate Change
  • Chavez Takes Up Energy Conservation
  • Vandana Shiva on Food Relocalisation
  • Solar Power For Developing Nations
  • Global Call to Action for Earth
  • 6-Feb

  • On the Climate Change Beat, Doubt Gives Way to Certainty
  • Kudzu Considered for Potential As Fuel Source
  • Five Axioms of Sustainability
  • Carbon-Free Living: China's Green Leap Forward
  • Human's Ecological Footprint in 2015 and Amazonia Revealed
  • 7-Feb

  • Inherit the Wind
  • Limits on Vehicle Emissions Proposed by Europe
  • Cold Storage Solution For Global Warming?
  • UNEP Meeting Warns of Impact of Biofuel Production
  • PlanetTran Launches First All-Hybrid Airport Car Service
  • 8-Feb

  • 7 Ways to Save the World
  • Vegetarian Is the New Prius
  • Tighter Controls Needed for Nanotechnology, Says UN Report
  • Mining Heat From the Earth? New Technology Shows Promise
  • Will 'Green' Building Be the Future of New Orleans?
  • 9-Feb

  • Branson launches $25m climate bid
  • Eating Fossil Fuels
  • Environmentalism May Help Your Corporate Image, but Will It Keep You in the Black?
  • Organic Clothing Enters Realm of High Fashion
  • What Are the Major Obstacles for Sustainable Energy?
  • 11-Feb

  • Deforestation Main Challenge for UNEP
  • Fridges Could Save Power For a Rainy Day
  • Manure: You May Be Walking on It Soon
  • Solar Power Heats Up
  • Software Patch Could Improve Car Engine Efficiency
  • 12-Feb

  • Jet-setters Pledge to Ditch Air Travel to Save the Environment
  • Do Fluorescent Bulbs Light the Way to the Future?
  • The Day After Today
  • Hybrids Could Turn Big US Truck Fleets Green
  • Green Investments Key to Economic Prosperity
  • 13-Feb

  • Cities are the Key to Green Development
  • Brazil's Lula to Challenge Bush on Environment
  • Climate Change Concerts 'to Dwarf Live Aid'
  • Time to Begin 'Adapting' to Climate Change?
  • Biology Goes Open Source
  • 14-Feb

  • A Concerted Effort
  • The Green Machine
  • New Zealand Should Aim to be World's First Carbon-Neutral Country
  • MIT Reactor Aids Study of Potential Energy Source
  • Next-Gen Biofuels Move Beyond Corn and Soy
  • 15-Feb

  • Think Small
  • British Columbia Announces Major Green Initiatives
  • China to Promise Cuts in Greenhouse Gases
  • Worldmapper: The World as You've Never Seen it
  • Wind and Sun Powered Base Station Powers Up in Africa
  • 17-Feb

  • Politicians Sign New Climate Pact
  • The Heated Debate Over Citizenre
  • China Envisions Environmentally Friendly 'Eco-City.'
  • Biggest Carbon-burial Test Will Hunt for Leaks
  • MySpace-style Websites Perfect for Disaster Survival
  • 19-Feb

  • Plug-in Has 3-Wheel Drive
  • 1 Million OLPCs Already On Order
  • Tackling Climate Change Will Require Expertise From Several Fields
  • Researcher Cites Need For a 'Small View' of the Environment
  • Data Centers' Growing Power Demands
  • 20-Feb

  • A 'Beme' is a Meme spread by Blogs
  • Data Centers' Growing Power Demands
  • Nanotech Battery Claims to Solve Electric Car Woes
  • Creating Power From Wasted Heat
  • Australia to Ban Old-Style Light Bulbs
  • 21-Feb

  • Wild grass could hold key to clean fuels of the future
  • Business Calls For Carbon Targets
  • While Housing Withers, "Green" Materials Bloom
  • World Bank Needs $10 bln Climate Fund
  • ‘Waste Membrane’ Could Help Crops Conserve Water
  • 22-Feb

  • Linking Capital Markets and Sustainability
  • Do Sustainable Cities Have a Future?
  • How To Create An Efficient Fossil-Fuel-Free Economy
  • New All-in-one Disaster Relief System
  • Homeowners, Builders Tackle Water Scarcity
  • 23-Feb

  • History vs. Homogeneity in New Orleans Housing Fight
  • Afghan Women Grow Trees to Lift Their Own Lives
  • Capturing Carbon with Enzymes
  • MIT Researchers Design Stackable Car of the Future
  • Wedging Sustainability Into Public Consciousness
  • 25-Feb

  • 'Ten Commandments' Could Improve Fisheries Management
  • In Big Buyout, Utility to Limit New Coal Plants
  • Cheap Solar Power Poised o Undercut Oil and Gas By Half
  • The Resilient World
  • Stars to catch 'Green' Rides to the Red Carpet
  • 26-Feb

  • "Inconvenient Truth" wins documentary Oscar
  • Can Termites Save the World?
  • GOOD Magazine: Nuclear Weapons Transparency
  • Will Cellulosic Ethanol Take Off?
  • Living in Green Neighborhoods Associated with Reduced Risk of Being Overweight
  • 27-Feb

  • An Early Environmentalist, Embracing New ‘Heresies’
  • Investing in Science: A Cautionary Tale
  • Blow For Beer as Biofuels Clean Out Barley
  • 11 Computer Makers Launch Effort to Cut Electricity Use
  • United Arab Emirates Team Up With MIT To Go Renewable
  • 28-Feb

  • A Practical Use for Waste Methane
  • Green-Collar Jobs for Urban America
  • Panel Urges EU to Scrap Funds For 'Dirty Energy'
  • Why Ecosystems Matter to Business
  • Scientists Offer Plan to U.N. for Civilization to Rise to Climate Challenge

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