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Throw a Party, Plant trees

by Worldchanging Los Angeles blogger, Greg Wendt

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On Sunday night, at a super chic downtown sushi bar, Soulicious, a group of burning man afficionados organized on Tribe, threw an amazing party for the Green World Campaign to help reforest Ethiopia.

Incidentally, the art theme for burning man this year is "Green Man" -- more on that another time.

Here's what the organizers wrote on the invitation on Tribe:

THE PROJECT: Through fundraising and our incredible ability to manifest all intention, SOULICIOUS is raising money to grow a forest in Ethiopia. By planting over 400,000 trees, we will become the first carbon-neutral Burning Man camp in the history of the event. We not only intend to remain carbon-neutral for many years to come, but also to inspire other groups to offset their own carbon greenhouse gas emissions.

The Green World campaign is amazing. Mission: People plant trees, everywhere. Not too different than our local favorites Tree People, whose work has been leading the pack for decades. Green World is doing it with a global focus by replanting trees in villages in areas of desertification and clearcuts -- always involving local people.

The best way to learn is to simply watch the 2-minute video on Green World's site. If you liked that, check out this slighly longer, but very inspirational video.

At only 10 cents per tree, if you raise $1,000 for planting trees, then you can plant 10,000 trees -- a small forest. In a generation, 10,000 trees can totally transform the experience of a rural town or village.

I like the program: Throw parties, raise money to plant forests, and restore ecosystems so plants, people and animals are happy.

As an investment advisor, I like those returns!

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This is wonderful news.
As part of the isha foundation under the guidance of sadhguru (see URL for more details)there has been tremendous activity in one state in India.The foundation is currently working to improve the green lands cover in different regions locally and soon globally and I request the worldchanging team to link the differnt groups in the world and do more wonderful things. Please make this happen, and maks this a wonderful place for all living beings.
This was a total volunteer effort and was a guiness record for planting ~800,000 in one day starting from the head of the state to last tree planted by the governor of the state.
In 2007 the plan is to plant 2,500,000 trees in the state of Tailnadu,India throughout the year.

Posted by: Raj on 18 Feb 07

Tu BiShvat, the Jewish "new year of the trees," falls every winter around this time (it moves around the solar calendar; in 2008 it will fall on January 22) and is traditionally observed by the planting of trees (often in Israel.)

There's probably an interesting feature there. Anyway, file it away for next year if it seems potentially intriguing to you... :-)

Posted by: Rachel on 26 Feb 07

Dear Editor,

We need to bring the ground water table - effectively /practicaly in /around BANGALORE -KARNATAKA-INDIA.

Governement interference has not helped since 1990 .has not helped through laws/legislations/rules.[eg....failure to facilitate ground water recharging-planting trees [see google maps for degeneration of forest v/s the depletion of ground water]

Now you & me should act [remember UNO-general secretory mr.Butros Butros Ghali's Quote "future wars in the world will be fought only for water"-what can we do????????

Interestingly -one litre of packed mineral water price = One litre of Processed milk !!!!!

Isn't it better to use milk for taking bath !!!!

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Posted by: Prasad.jmm. on 4 Mar 07



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