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News & Views Round-Up, March 2007
David Zaks, 1 Apr 07
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We come across a lot of interesting ideas and innovative solutions, but we choose only a few to discuss in detail. The best of the stories we don't cover get selected and collated as headlines in News and Views. It's like a little Worldchanging news service. Here's the news for March.

1 - Mar

  • Keeping an Eye on the Pole
  • PG&E to Develop Wave Energy Off California Coast
  • Mackey-Pollan Smackdown Turns Love Fest
  • IKEA: Who Says Big Retail Can't Be Good for the Environment?
  • Build Your Own Backyard Fuel Cell
  • 2-Mar

  • Two Oil Giants Plunge Into the Wind Business
  • Antarctic Ice Melt Reveals Exotic Creatures
  • Corals That Can Fight Global Warming May One Day Help Fragile Reefs
  • Poor Cambodians Make Big Gains With Organic Farming
  • Build an Environmentally-Friendly PC
  • 3-Mar

  • Portable Wind And Solar Powered Mini-Utility
  • The New Science of Sharing
  • EU Power Station Carbon to be Buried
  • New Technology Removes Viruses From Drinking Water
  • Coal in Cars: Great Fuel or Climate Foe?
  • 4-Mar

  • Bio-Artists Bridge Art-Science Divide
  • My Dot-Green Future Is Finally Arriving
  • CO2 Output From Shipping Twice as Much as Airlines
  • Scientists Design Super-Green Minivan
  • Biodiesel Fuel Raises Hopes of Greening Cars
  • 5-Mar

  • Harvesting Algae Blooms From the Open Ccean
  • Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles for a Sustainable Future
  • Waste Not, Want Not in the £700m Slum
  • Silicon Valley Redirects its Energies to Clean Fuels
  • U.S. and Brazil Seek to Promote Ethanol in West
  • 6-Mar

  • The (Bio) DaVersity Code
  • How Can Desertification Control and Development Be Reconciled?
  • Call For Fairer, Greener China
  • Is U.S. Global Warming Pollution Violating Human Rights Law?
  • Wireless Technology Speeds Health Services in Rwanda
  • 7-Mar

  • Solar Powered Water Desalination Device for Emergency Relief
  • Where Artists and Inventors Plot to Save the World
  • In Search of a Moral Solution to our Energy Problem
  • Green Roofs: Building for the Future
  • Bank of America Launches $20 Billion Environmental Initiative
  • 8-Mar

  • How Do You Make Electronics Easier to Recycle?
  • Venture Capitalists Want to Put Some Algae in Your Tank
  • Green Marketing Should Focus on Mainstream Benefits
  • ‘Corporate Hippies’ Seek Their Bliss in a New Environmental Economy
  • IBM, Indian Tech Firm Devise Smart Card For Poor
  • 10-Mar

  • EU Agrees Renewable Energy Target
  • A Step Toward Fusion Energy
  • Solar Power Can Ease Global Warming, New Research Shows
  • Green Business and the Future of Sustainability
  • Local Currencies: A Grassroots Response to Globalization
  • 11-Mar

  • Companies Measure the Carbon Footprint of Consumer Products
  • Build Your Own Social Network
  • Can Ecology and Commerce Coexist?
  • Dutch Pioneer Floating Eco-Homes
  • IBM Sees Green in Environmental Tech
  • 12-Mar

  • Entrepreneur Has Big, Green Ideas For a New Little Town
  • Hack That Urban Forest
  • World Bank Report Shows Size of Carbon Market
  • A Farm Bill for the Environment
  • On Screens Soon, Abused Earth Gets Its Revenge
  • 13-Mar

  • Electricity From the Sea
  • Al Gore Seeks Earlier Start to Kyoto Pact Successor
  • Goldman Leads Green Charge on Wall Street
  • 'Fair trade' Food Booming in Britain
  • Sustainability Concerns Shape 2007's Top Ten Trends
  • 14-Mar

  • Lawmakers Seek to Curb Trade in Illegal Timber
  • Wal-Mart to Consumer Electronics Suppliers: Go Green
  • Start-up fervor shifts to energy in Silicon Valley.
  • The End of Garbage
  • New biofuels Process Promises to Meet All US Transportation Needs
  • 15-Mar

  • Restaurants Set Sights on Going Green
  • Mobile Communication is Revolutionizing Economic and Social Development in Rural India
  • Utility Tries ‘Sequestration’ to Block Carbon Emissions From Atmosphere
  • Manure Not Just for Compost Anymore
  • 16-Mar

  • New System to Boost Biodiversity Access in Brazil
  • Biofuel Researchers Prepare to Reap a New Harvest
  • Battery Tech Starts Catching Up To High Tech
  • Solid Hydrogen Seen as Safer
  • Would More Biofuel Use Threaten Food Supplies?
  • 17-Mar

  • Home Sweet Home
  • His energy bill is $0.00
  • Images of the Energy Future
  • Catalyst Could Help Turn CO2 Into Fuel
  • Singapore to Invest in 'Clean Energy' industry
  • 18-Mar

  • Abu Dhabi Explores Energy Alternatives
  • £25 Fridge Gadget That Could Slash Greenhouse Emissions
  • Green Taxes "Do Deliver Double Dividends"
  • Don't Exaggerate Climate Dangers, Scientists Warn
  • Euro Carmakers Build Microhybrids
  • 20-Mar

  • Rome to Run Public Buses on B20 Biodiesel
  • Millbrand on Eco-Labels
  • A Biological Hot Spot in Africa, With New Species Still to Discover
  • GM Mosquitoes Offer New Hope for Millions
  • Cities with Less Smog See More Green
  • 22-Mar

  • Big Perks for Tiny Houses?
  • $4 Trillion Backs Latest Call for Action on Climate Change
  • Saving the Planet, One Car at a Time
  • Shrink-Wrapped Trash
  • A Smarter Web
  • 25-Mar

  • Fuel Cells Set to Switch Trains Onto a Greener Track
  • The Challenge of Affluence
  • A Wave Of Support For Tidal Energy
  • Biofuels Boom Spurring Deforestation
  • A Green Wind Blows
  • 26-Mar

  • Malawi to Roll Out 'Fertiliser Trees' Project
  • German Carbon Neutral Project Goes Nationwide
  • 'Juiced-up' Battery Fueled by Sugar Could Power Small Portable Electronics
  • Markets Can Help Solve Water Crisis
  • Walmart Launches Sustainable Design Competition
  • 27-Mar

  • BP's Bet on Butanol
  • Fortune Magazine Names Business World's Green Giants
  • Peru Creates Online Biodiversity Register
  • Students' Cars to Illustrate Power of Nanotechnology
  • Carbon Coaches Get Family to Conserve
  • 28-Mar

  • S.F. First City to Ban Plastic Shopping Bags
  • New 'Biofuel Cell' Produces Electricity From Hydrogen in Plain Air
  • Organic Is Healthier: Kiwis Prove That Green Is Good
  • Urban Farming: Coming to a City Near You
  • Seize the Momentum
  • 29-Mar

  • Major Solar Power Plants Opens In Portugal
  • How Green Grows My Roof
  • Low-Carbon Houses Given Tax Breaks
  • Movies Map Global Greenhouse Gas Movement
  • Artificial Photosynthesis: Pathways To Clean, Renewable Solar Fuel
  • 30-Mar

  • Monbiot: Five-Year Freeze on Biofuels
  • Earth’s Climate Needs the Help of Incentives
  • Danish Island Is Energy Self-Sufficient
  • Brazil to Offer Free Internet to Amazon Tribes
  • Kenya starts carbon trading as climate change hits Africa.
  • 31-Mar

  • Open Source Car: "c,mm,n"
  • Poor Nations to Bear Brunt as World Warms
  • Colleges Develop Green Tech Programs to Meet Demand
  • Banks Get Ahead by Funding Sustainability Projects
  • A New Breed of Leaders Tackles World's Problems
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    Nice selection of headlines, David. Could I make some suggestions, based on my experience at Energy Bulletin?

    1. Readers usually find it easier to cope with headlines if they are grouped by subject rather than by date. 60 separate headlines are overwhelming, whereas 10 clumps of six headlines apiece is easier to handle.

    It's not always easy to come up with appropriate subjects, and to know which headlines fit where -- but the categorization doesn't have to be perfect. Anything is better than one massive list!

    2. When you do use chronological order, reverse chronological order is usually better. The latest news is usually fresher and of greater interest. Therefore it should go towards the top of the page.

    3. A list of news every week or two weeks might be better than waiting for a month.

    I hope to see more of your headlines!

    Energy Bulletin

    Posted by: Bart Anderson on 1 Apr 07



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