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Worldchanging's Graphic Statement in GOOD Magazine
Sarah Rich, 2 Mar 07
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Each issue of GOOD Magazine opens with a graphic statement from a featured guest. The last issue featured a statement created by the Worldchanging team (with artistic assistance from GOOD's fantastic graphic team).

The first spread features imagery from Ed Burtynsky, and the second a huge collection of solutions that we've covered on the site and in the book.

We inherited a broken future...So we're building a better one.

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looks like a nice design. it'd be good to see a high-res copy though.

Posted by: Josh on 3 Mar 07

A smaller version of that would make a great widget/badge too

Posted by: Deepak on 3 Mar 07

Seconding the request for a high-res version :)

Posted by: JG on 6 Mar 07

I was an advertising major at the School of Visual Arts 6 years ago where a professor told me that if I wanted truely to promote "socially conscious messages," I may be in the wrong field.
Now in 2007 I am seeing such powerful ideas appearing in bold graphics and through media.
Good is a wonderful magazine and I am hopeful for the field of advertising doing something beneficial again!

Posted by: Heather O on 7 Mar 07



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