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Global Theme Issue: Poverty & Human Development
Hassan Masum, 28 Mar 07

In October 2007, science journals worldwide (including stalwarts like Science, Nature, and PNAS) will simultaneously publish papers on poverty and human development:

[The goal is] to raise awareness, stimulate interest, and stimulate research into poverty and human development. This is an international collaboration with journals from developed and developing countries....The journals plan to publish new original research, review articles, editorials, perspectives, news stories, and other types of articles on the subject of poverty and human development with a common publication or release date of Monday, October 22, 2007.

Think of it as One Book for researchers - a creative way of synchronizing diverse minds on a common theme. Each journal will handle submission and peer review separately, yet the common theme could lead to a wide variety of insights, tools, and reflections.

Over 160 science journals have joined so far, predominantly biomedical. Wouldn't it be great to see journals in ecology, computer science, engineering, and other science-based disciplines take part? Since the date and theme are public, the science-friendly blogosphere could also share its views. Consider this a call for participation.

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It would be interesting if music, fashion or specialty journals joined in. Imagine Cosmopolitan's report on sweatshop labour or Architectural Digest on housing in slum settlements.

Posted by: Amy Leaman on 30 Mar 07



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