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News & Views Round-Up, April 2007
David Zaks, 1 May 07
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We come across a lot of interesting ideas and innovative solutions, but we choose only a few to discuss in detail. The best of the stories we don't cover get selected and collated as headlines in News and Views. It's like a little Worldchanging news service, and if you haven't noticed, the daily News and Views stories are now being delivered via RSS feed either with the other posts, or as a feed by themselves.


  • Removing The Hydrogen-cell Roadblock
  • Thailand Looks to Deadly Nuts for Biofuel
  • Telemedicine Initiative For Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Research Report Concludes That Water is Too Cheap
  • Climate change ‘could create 200m refugees’
  • 2-Apr

  • Sky-Scraping Solar Tower Proposed for Texas
  • More Employers Offering Green-Car Incentives to Workers
  • Tax on Carbon Emissions Gains Support
  • Futurama Farming in New York
  • New Homes Rise From Rubbish
  • 3-Apr

  • TIME: The Global Warming Survival Guide
  • Can Wal-Mart Ever Be 'Green'?
  • Who Should Foot the Bill on Climate Change?
  • A Better Biofuel
  • Cellulosic Wood-to-Oil Plant Commissioned in Canada
  • 4-Apr

  • Flying Wind Farms
  • Bright Green Buildings And Dark Green Buildings
  • IKEA's Affordable Houses: Now Under Construction
  • We Must Imagine a Future Without Cars
  • Silicon Valley's "Best Brains" Work on Energy
  • 5-Apr

  • Mozambique Aims to Lead 'Green Revolution'
  • Malaysia To Make Rainwater Collection Mandatory for Big Roofs
  • Security Council to Discuss Potential Security Threats From Climate Change
  • Latest IPCC Report Highlights Need for Integrated Climate/Human Behavior Models
  • Cheaper Solar Cells
  • 8-Apr

  • Latest IPCC Report Highlights Need for Integrated Climate/Human Behavior Models
  • A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design
  • Study Demonstrates remarkable Power of Social Norms
  • Preparing West Wales for a Future Without Oil
  • 9-Apr

  • A Plastic Wrapper Today Could Be Fuel Tomorrow
  • Executive Warms To His New Role: The Climate Fixer
  • Making a Legal System to Protect the Planet
  • The Jolly Green Bubble
  • Next Task Is Fixing the Climate Damage
  • 10-Apr

  • Sea Sponges Inspire Solar Cells
  • Time to Step It Up This Weekend
  • High-Tech Floating Wind Turbines
  • Britain's Green Revolution on the Home Front
  • The Design Imperative
  • 11-Apr

  • Google Earth Turns Spotlight on Darfur
  • NYC to Cut Emissions 30% by 2030
  • Nanogenerator Provides Continuous Electrical Power
  • To Fight Global Warming, Some Hang a Clothesline
  • World Bank 'Must Act on Climate'
  • 12-Apr

  • Plant a Tree in Second Life, Actual Rainforest is Protected
  • What's the Cost of Carbon?
  • Rich Nations Urged to Help Africa Adapt to Climate Change
  • A Greener Planet Begins Under the Kitchen Sink
  • Europe's Problems Color U.S. Plans to Curb Carbon Gases
  • 13-Apr

  • A Wireless Sensor City
  • Urban Farming Thrives in Cuba
  • A Green Yelp
  • Retailers Told Less Waste Means More Customers
  • Satellite Images Aid Implementation Of Agricultural Reforms
  • 16-Apr

  • The Power of Green
  • Cycles of Sustainability
  • Watair: Turning Air Into Water
  • Rooftop Wind Turbines Ready For Commercial Use
  • She Used to Get Mad ...
  • 17-Apr

  • Nigerian Students Power Up Their Laptops
  • Citified Suburbs Becoming New Model for the Bay Area
  • Are Mobile Phones Wiping Out Our Bees?
  • China's Economy Reaching Environmental Limits
  • Model of Urban Future: Jersey City?
  • 18-Apr

  • Giant Carbon Vacuums Could Cool Earth
  • Maybe Only God Can Make a Tree, but Only People Can Put a Price on It
  • Ministers Aim to Turn Every Secondary School 'Green'
  • Chic-onomics: 'Value is the New Growth!'
  • Yahoo! to Go Carbon Neutral in 2007
  • 19-Apr

  • Google-Mapping the Sick
  • Britain tells US industry to invest in "clean-tech"
  • Device Uses Solar Energy to Convert Carbon Dioxide into Fuel
  • The biofuel scramble for Brazil
  • 390kW Solar Facelift For Skyscraper
  • 20-Apr

  • "Black Cloud"
  • Elephant Dung Helps Scientists Develop New Biofuel
  • 100% Efficient Lighting Devices?
  • It's Hip to Be Green
  • Wal-Mart Pushes Suppliers to ‘Go Green’
  • 22-Apr

  • A Renewed Push for Ethanol, Without the Corn
  • New Plastic Solar Cell Breaks Efficiency Record
  • Changing the Social Climate
  • A New Biofuel: Propane
  • Solar Cells That Work All Day
  • 23-Apr

  • Zero-Carbon Cities
  • Green Investment to Get Boost from New EU Fund
  • Software by Microsoft Is Nearly Free for the Needy
  • Third World Crops Get $37.5 Million Gene Storage Aid
  • Scientists: Climate and Health Research Needed
  • 24-Apr

  • New Plastic Solar Cells Mimic The Veins In Tree Leaves
  • The New Wave of Energy Efficient Homes
  • Map Software Pinpoints Environment Hotspots
  • Norway Aims to be 'Zero-Emission' State by 2050
  • U.S. Architects Announce 10 Best Green Buildings
  • 25-Apr

  • Certifying Coffee Aids Farmers and Forests in Chiapas
  • Millennium Seed Bank Gets Billionth Deposit
  • New Allies on The Amazon
  • Boeing and Virgin Atlantic to Work on Biofuels
  • Is Geoengineering the "Lesser Evil"?
  • 26-Apr

  • Terror in the Weather Forecast
  • Scientists Work to Improve Water Quality in Ghana
  • Proving Food's Ethical Origin
  • Nanotechnology Provides 'Green' Path to Environmentally Sustainable Economy
  • Canada Pegs Greenhouse Gas Targets
  • 27-Apr

  • A Soft Spot for the Anti-Artisanal
  • Sorry Climate, I Had To Clean My Keyboard
  • Brazil's Urban Ants May Predict Reaction To Warming Trends
  • Green Nanotech is Possible and Practical
  • Feeding the World Sustainably
  • 29-Apr

  • Chips with Everything
  • The Solar Ark: A Unique Solar Building In Japan
  • The Case for Burying Charcoal
  • China Moves to Shrink its Carbon Footprint
  • Carbon-Neutral Is Hip, but Is It Green?
  • 30-Apr

  • It’s Maple Syrup Time, So Why the Whiff of Fries?
  • We Have the Money and Know-how to Stop GW
  • Companies Mine Cellulosic Feedstock for Other Products
  • Web Mashups Turn Citizens Into Newest Watchdogs
  • Experts May Have Found What's Bugging the Bees
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