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Whole Foods Market + Green Mountain Energy - Carbon
Jon Lebkowsky, 21 Apr 07

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from Worldchanging Austin:

Two Austin-based companies, Whole Foods Market and Green Mountain Energy, are partnering on WFM's national Earth Month carbon reduction initiative, The Whole Earth Weigh-InTM: 30 Ways in 30 Days. Bonnie Hulkower mentioned this in her Worldchanging New York post, "A Soft Green Opening: Whole Foods Comes to the Bowery." Bonnie describes the scene at the Bowery Whole Foods:

The eco-achievement that impressed me the most was the partnership with Green Mountain Energy to wake people up to their impact on climate change. A booth of helpful young women eagerly assisted partiers in calculating their carbon footprints (the amount of greenhouse gas an individual is responsible for, based on how they live and how much resources they use), and offered suggestions to lower or offset them. Whole Foods is calling the program a "weigh-in," and I must admit my first instinct was to avoid the area in the same way I avoid the stress testers at the Union Square subway station. But when I realized they were giving 30 tips about curtailing global warming, and not advice on dropping extra pounds, I became more interested -- enough to learn that daily, each of us generates an average of around 94 pounds of carbon dioxide.

This particular effort, called "30 Ways in 30 Days," will be part of the Whole Foods on the Bowery shopping experience through the end of April. Customers can use an online calculator in the store to tote up their own carbon emissions, and commit to steps to reduce their carbon footprints via the Whole Foods website.
I'm impressed, too, though not surprised at the partnership. Green Mountain's "Be Green Now" calculator, about which I blogged at Worldchanging last December, is a great fit for Whole Foods Market, which has also carried Renewable Choice Energy's (slightly controversial) Wind Power cards, and has been working "to convert all of its energy to green sources."

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