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21 Worldchanging Principles in 21 Days
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Worldchanging is in the process of making some very exciting changes. We have new plans for our editorial content, as well as for the site design, and we'll be rolling it all out pretty soon. As we're going through this transition, we've had an opportunity to look across our archive at the themes and ideas we've developed over time, and to pull out some key elements that, to us, illuminate the changing nature of sustainability in the 21st century.

Over the next twenty-one days, we'll be running a series highlighting these principles and sharing resources from our archive that delve deeper and provide context for each. At the end, we hope to have a [semi-comprehensive] toolkit of the guiding concepts behind our vision of a globally sustainable future.

We're looking forward to completing our transition and sharing with you a more robust, diverse and inspiring Worldchanging.

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Looking forward to the series, and the upcoming changes.

Posted by: Deepak on 8 May 07

Excited to see the developments.

Posted by: SimpleScott on 10 May 07

And my attraction for continues to grow!

Posted by: Angus McLauchlan on 11 May 07

I find this site really inspiring! Very well though-out ideas and a fantastic vision.

Looking forward to the "toolkit of the guiding concepts behind our vision of a globally sustainable future".

Posted by: Dan on 12 May 07

We must start to force the perceptual division between worth and wealth.

This can be done by celbrating, in family and commmunity, the worth aspect and moving away from the more demonstrable power of wealth and what it can purchase.

Posted by: Peter Hunt on 12 May 07

I am really looking forward to this, as it might give me more tools to get involved.

Posted by: Heather O'Malley on 14 May 07

I've really been enjoying reading the principles so far. Someone recently posted to say that they felt World Changing was becoming a little bit "light", but i think this shows that this is not necessarily the case. Keep up the good work.

Posted by: Ian Crawford on 23 May 07



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