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Principle 5: Ecosystem Services and Ecological Economics
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For too long, it's been so easy to take for granted the benefit of natural systems to quality of life that we've treated them as though they will be free and functional forever. But in the last few years, the value of the services we receive from the Earth has become increasingly apparent, not only in terms of sentiment, but in terms of dollars and cents. In other words, we're figuring out that preservation offers greater economic gain than resource extraction, and realizing that accounting for what we're losing now -- and what we stand to lose if we don't calculate the dollar value of things like bees and rainforests and biodiversity -- may save us in the long term. Worldchanging's archive of material on this topic is quite extensive, as it's a key example of a new solution for saving our most ancient assets.

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Ecosystem Goods and Services: The Biophysical Basis

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Ecology and Transformation

A Pair of Ecological Economics Textbooks

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Biodiversity Meets the Bottom Line

Joshua Farley, Ecological Economist

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What's a Forest Worth? More Than you Might Think

Environmental Accounting and the New Wealth of Nations

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: The Business Implications

Mainstreaming of Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics

Green GDP

The Week in Ecosystem Services

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