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Sustainable Living Services
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Sydney-based firm Todae offers households and businesses viable solutions to reduce ecological footprints, make efficient use of energy and other natural resources, and in the case of businesses, create a strong environmental brand ethos amongst customers and staff. The focus of their products and services are sustainability.

Products range from energy efficient globes, portable solar chargers, water saving devices and wind generators to organic body care, organic bedding & towels, kids’ toys & games, baby products and garden & composting. By providing their customers with affordable environmentally friendly products that have been thoroughly tested and researched, the company aspires to promote incremental changes to heal our planet.

Todae also provides an environmental assessment service designed to help clients benefit from the advantages of using efficient technologies and products, and in the process enable them to create a more comfortable and sustainable home/business environment. As part of the assessment the client gets a detailed report on:

» Energy Efficiency
» Water Efficiency
» Harmful and Toxic Product Use
» Insulation
» Unnecessary Expenditure (how to cut bills)
» Office products and disposables
» Appliance Efficiency
» Heating and Cooling
» Recycling (and the different options available

The service costs $129 AUD for households and $490 AUD for businesses, and is based on home/business size. This service is currently only available for the Greater Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Areas. But as more people begin to wonder how they can contribute to reduce their environmental footprint, services that provide personal assistance to live more sustainable lives could end up being a real tool for change.

What services would you like to be offered? How could a business help you live more sustainably? What's your favorite business, NGO or government program for promoting effective green living?

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Is there a similar service in the US?

Posted by: Johnny Miller on 9 Aug 07

What I would be willing to pay to find out is how much carbon emissions are embedded in the goods and services that I purchase.

I can figure out how much carbon is emitted by the gasoline, natural gas and electricity that I purchase directly. But, how much CO2 was emitted when I purchased my bed, or my laptop, my cheeseburger, or my refrigerator? Or when I go to the movies, how much CO2 was emitted to make the movie, and project in the theater? Or if I go to the doctor, how much energy was required to heat the building and how much of that should be allocated to me the consumer?

There are carbon calculators out there that calculate emissions, but none of them really look at the embedded carbon in our purchases, which I believe makes up about 2/3 of total emissions. I would like to purchase goods and services which minimize CO2 emissions (or choose not to buy those that have large emissions), but frankly I can't find any good information on it.

Posted by: FK on 14 Aug 07



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