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News & Views Round-Up, May 2007
David Zaks, 1 Jun 07
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We come across a lot of interesting ideas and innovative solutions, but we choose only a few to discuss in detail. The best of the stories we don't cover get selected and collated as headlines in News and Views. It's like a little Worldchanging news service, and if you haven't noticed, the daily News and Views stories are now being delivered via RSS feed either with the other posts, or as a feed by themselves.


  • The Dirty Water Underground
  • Chicken Poop: More Glamorous Than Ever
  • Disaster Balloons
  • House-Off Button Makes 'Going Green' Easy
  • Sustainability Reports Help Investors Manage Risk
  • 30-May

  • Off The Grid Homes
  • We Want Solutions!
  • Global Peace Index – The Texture of Peace
  • Ban Considered On Organic Food Brought In By Air
  • Can Nanotechnology Be Good For Climate?
  • 29-May

  • China's Solar-Powered City
  • Design That Solves Problems for the World’s Poor
  • Changing Ecologies of Food and Agriculture
  • The Green View From Beijing
  • 'Synergies' Between Renewables, Efficiency Would Cut GHG Emissions
  • 28-May

  • Biodiesel Makers See Opportunity as New York Seeks Greener Future
  • Architecture and robotic ecologies
  • Plasma Could Turn Old Tyres Into New
  • Emission Scheme To Shield the Poor
  • Grassroots Green Chemistry
  • 26-May

  • Ants show us how to make super-highways
  • Turkey poop will power electric plant
  • Call for 'green collar' workers
  • Farming Out Global Warming Solutions
  • Transition Targets for the Dynamic City
  • 25-May

  • Why Recycled Paper Just Isn't Good Enough
  • World Population Becomes More Urban Than Rural
  • Using Aluminum to Create Hydrogen
  • Aerorider: Three-Wheeled Enclosed Electric Bike
  • CSR: A Must for Big Firms in Africa
  • 24-May

  • New York Yellow Cabs Go Green
  • Follow The 'Green' Brick Road?
  • Solar Could Go Mainstream as China Enters Market
  • Mobile Phones Revolutionise Banking
  • Japan Plans Its Own Green Fuel
  • 23-May

  • Inside the Digital Dump
  • Born Again Green
  • When Disaster Strikes, Rebuild Green
  • Why Are They Greener Than We Are?
  • Wave Power Tipped as 'Holy Grail' for Australia
  • 22-May

  • Solar / Wind Powered Aquarius Tower
  • Climate and the UN: A New Bid for Control?
  • City parks could cool urban areas by 4°C
  • Sugar-to-Hydrogen Tech Promises Transportation Fuel Independence
  • Closing the Nature-Deficit Gap by Getting Kids out into the Woods
  • 21-May

  • From Beaches to Pine Barrens, a Study Puts Values on New Jersey’s Natural Assets
  • Shining a Bright Light on Energy Efficiency
  • Utah to Grow Biodiesel Crops on the Freeway
  • Urbanites Encouraged to Keep Bees
  • Australia Says Regional Carbon Trade Years Away
  • 20-May

  • Amish Are Ultimate Early Adopters of Solar Energy
  • Spain to Require Recycling of Tyres Into Roads
  • New Biofuel From Trees Developed
  • Carbon Tax 'Won't Hurt' the World's Poor
  • Combating Climate Change: Building Better, Wasting Less
  • 19-May

  • A Return to the Land, for Fuel
  • Clinton Climate Initiative Offers $5B to Green Cities' Buildings
  • Project Aims to Extract Dam Methane
  • Boosting Solar eEergy Plants Efficiency
  • Growing Food and Flowers in Air
  • 17-May

  • Solar Power From Space
  • An Oven-Fridge-Generator Powered by Sound
  • Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Software
  • Researchers Endorse Global Early Warning System to Prevent Pandemics
  • Urban Parks an aAswer to Global Warming?
  • 16-May

  • Designing Cities for People, Rather than Cars
  • Nokia Gets It Right for South Asia
  • Planning for a Climate-Changed World
  • Land of Milk and Biofuel.
  • Something Earth-Changing is Afoot Among Civil Society
  • 15-May

  • Linking Future Scenarios Across Scales
  • Bacteria Found in Tar Pits Could Have Positive Impact
  • New Fungus Could Provide Alternative Fuel
  • Help Me Redesign the Web
  • Drive to Cut Emissions Creates Jobs Engine
  • 14-May

  • Photo Exhibit Depicts Magnitude of Product Consumption
  • LEDs Emerge to Fight Fluorescents
  • Will Greensburg Bloom Again as a 'Green' Town?
  • Plans for British Eco Towns
  • Deforestation: The Hiden Cause of Global Warming
  • 13-May

  • Sale of Carbon Credits Helping Land-Rich, but Cash-Poor, Tribes
  • New York Barges Into Sustainable Urban Farming
  • It's Good To Be in the 'RED'
  • China to Push Use of Solar Water Heater
  • Leaders Believe Sustainable Prosperity is Possible
  • 12-May

  • New Tower Creates All Its Own Energy
  • Incredible Shrinking Packages
  • Is This What it Takes to Save the World?
  • Transcontinental Wildfire Emissions Monitored From Space
  • Learning to Love (and Value) Ecosystem Services
  • 10-May

  • For a Warmer Future, Australia Employs Aboriginal Wisdom
  • 3000 Megawatts of New U.S. Wind Power In 2007
  • Radical Engine Redesign Would Reduce Pollution
  • Cell Phone Air Pollution Monitor
  • Supporting Life Cycle Assessment
  • 9-May

  • 'Intelligent' Cars as Fuel-Efficient as Hybrids
  • Urban Farms Empower Africa
  • Former Weed May Fill World's Fuel Tanks
  • Murdoch Sets Emissions Goal
  • Green Diesel Technology
  • 8-May

  • Solar Boat Finishes Fuel-Free Atlantic Voyage
  • Jet Stream Could Fill Global Energy Needs
  • A Two-Wheeled Option (With a Battery) for Commuters
  • Internet Encyclopedia to List All 1.8 Mln Species
  • Coconut Oil Powers Island's Cars
  • 7-May

  • The Silver Lining to Impending Doom
  • Spy Plane Employed to Shame Owners of Heat-Loss Homes
  • Grading Sustainability Reports: Creating the Curve
  • Sun Powered Mobility
  • Beer Maker, Scientists to Create Energy
  • 6-May

  • China Builds a Bright Green Metropolis
  • Social Lending Gains Net Interest
  • Birth of a New Wedge: Agrichar
  • The Transformation of Manufacturing in the 21st Century
  • Affordable Solar Power Brings Light to India
  • 4-May

  • Climate change: Main Points From IPCC Report
  • World Bank Eyes $250 Million Deal to Save Forests
  • India Hopes to Make $10 Laptops a Reality
  • Slow food vs. Organic: The Final Smackdown
  • 11 Megawatt Solar Power Tower
  • 3-May

  • Surviving On About $1 a Day
  • Solar’s Next Dimension
  • Global Carbon Trading Market Triples to £15bn
  • Leaders Believe Sustainable Prosperity is Possible
  • Moon Sensitive Street Lamps Could Save Gigawatts
  • 2-May

  • San Francisco to Turn Restaurant Oil Into Biodiesel
  • Energy Vital to Poverty Alleviation
  • Corporate America Nears Green Tipping Point
  • Researchers 'Seed' Ocean With Iron to Soak Up CO2
  • Map of Online Communities
  • 1-May

  • Eat Local Movement Competes With Organic Craze
  • A Starring Role for ‘Green’ Construction
  • More Recycling on the Farm Could Reduce Environmental Problems
  • Malaysia to Lead South-South Collaboration
  • Poor Countries Demand a Voice on Climate Change
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