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Launching Worldchanging's New Podcast Series with Jennifer Leonard
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We are pleased to announce the launch of Worldchanging's new podcast series, hosted by our colleague and ally, Jennifer Leonard.

Each week, Jennifer will present interviews with innovators across numerous fields, gathered live in the field and delivered fresh to you. Without further ado...

Welcome to my podcast, Worldchangers! It’s about the world of design and the design of the world. It’s about live dialogue with creative thinkers and doers the world over. It’s about change and how we ride it into a better tomorrow. I’m calling it 4’33”, taking inspiration from John Cage’s notorious (same-named) composition. His 4’33” was essentially a timeframe of four minutes and thirty-three seconds in which whatever sounds ‘happened’ were exactly the right sounds for that place and time. My first podcast is one of six field recordings from a recent design conference I attended in Belgium called Luminous Green. Most of the recordings I did outdoors, so you’ll hear environmental clamor, like church bells and lawn mowers, as well as natural sounds, like chirping birds and gusts of wind. Rather than diminish the found sounds within the context of a more formal interview, I’ve decided to embrace them. And I will continue to do so. Most of the interviews here on out I aim to do outside of a recording studio, in the appropriate context of the moment, with all the appropriate sounds that go along with it.
-- Jennifer Leonard

Jun 6: Luminous Green (1/6) - Massive Change Revived
The first of six in this series is my attempt to do two things: 1--bridge the gap between this new podcast experiment and my last radio show, Massive Change (on CIUT 89.5FM, University of Toronto) and 2--reinvigorate quotes from the Massive Change book*, with the view to iterate and provoke further dialogue around the power and promise of design. Live dialogue to (dead) text to live dialogue all over again. Conversant to concrete to conversant again. Flexible to inflexible to flexible again. My cycle-to-cycle process: I pulled quotes from the book that were originally part of a live discussion I had on the radio with various thought leaders across disciplines (which was my primary research methodology for gathering content for the Massive Change book); then I crumpled up the individual quotes into little balls of paper and asked the group members to each choose one, read aloud and comment; finally, one at a time, each person interpreted the quotes however he or she chose to, and the discussion went from there.
* for full context in which referenced quotes appear, see my original edited transcripts in the Massive Change book.

Download as

Group discussion members:
Joey Berzowska
Amy Franceschini
Nik Gaffney
Mathias Gmachl
Randall Krantz
Maja Kuzmanovic
Oliver Lowenstein
Myriel Milicevic
Marko Peljhan
Steven Pickles
Bart Vandeput
Angelo Vermeulen
Rachel Wingfield

Coming Soon on 4’33” ~
Jun 11: Luminous Green (2/6) - Maja Kuzmanovic
Jun 18: Luminous Green (3/6) - Randall Krantz, Climate Change Initiative, World Economic Forum
Jun 25: Luminous Green (4/6) - Angelo Vermeulen, mixed media artist and PhD biologist
Jul 02: Luminous Green (5/6) - Marko Peljhan, Interpolar
Jul 09: Luminous Green (6/6) - Carole Collet, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Textile Futures

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Any change of getting the URL for an RSS feed for this?

Posted by: Dave on 6 Jun 07

I second this... Perhaps separate feeds for the MP3 and MP4? And is the MP4 file supposed to have video (I don't see any...)? If not, it might be better to use the extension M4A for better iTunes compatibility.

Posted by: Nathan on 6 Jun 07

For real! I saw this in my Google Reader and came here to subscribe straightaway...but no feed.

Posted by: David Howell on 6 Jun 07

We're working on the feed, boys. Thanks for the input! :)

Posted by: jennifer leonard on 6 Jun 07

Great initiative Jennifer. Have you considered an OGG feed for all us OSS types out here?

Posted by: Eric on 6 Jun 07

Okay, here's the scoop - we don't have the podcast set up on a separate feed, but the you can subscribe to Worldchanging podcasts using the full-text feedburner feed:

Posted by: Jon Lebkowsky on 6 Jun 07

Be great to get this on iTunes.

Posted by: Morgan Daly on 7 Jun 07

Morgan et al,
To easily add to iTunes,
Open iTunes
go to your podcast folder
at top of window click "Advanced" and select "Subscribe to podcast."
In the next window paste
and hit enter.

It will add to your list and begin downloading.

Hope this helps.

Posted by: Becky on 8 Jun 07

Thanks, Becky et al!

Posted by: jennifer on 10 Jun 07



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