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News & Views Round-Up, June 2007
David Zaks, 2 Jul 07
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We come across a lot of interesting ideas and innovative solutions, but we choose only a few to discuss in detail. The best of the stories we don't cover get selected and collated as headlines in News and Views. It's like a little Worldchanging news service, and if you haven't noticed, the daily News and Views stories are now being delivered via RSS feed either with the other posts, or as a feed by themselves.


  • Buy One Give One Solar Flashlights

  • Tiny Filters Fix Big Water Problems

  • Small-Scale Agricultural Changes May Help Eradicate Widespread Disease

  • Carbon Labels To Hit Shelves

  • Solar Power at Half the Cost
  • 3-June

  • Long-Range Lithium Battery

  • Turning Cars Into Wireless Network Nodes

  • DIY Diesel and Biodiesel Powered Cycles

  • Biofuel Gangs Kill for Green Profits

  • African Children Do Better With Digital
  • 4-June

  • Silicon Valley's Plan to Become Solar Valley

  • Kenya Creates 'Poverty Map'

  • Soil Offers New Hope as Carbon Sink

  • Solar-Hydrogen Homes Try to Overcome Doubts

  • Bicycle Programs Catching On In Major Cities
  • 5-June

  • Our Green Bubble

  • SoundLlands on Google Earth

  • Chinese Smartmobbers use Mobile Phones to Protest Chemical Factory

  • It's Not Just About Food Miles

  • Lab-Grown Meat for Ethical Carnivores
  • 6-June

  • Uber-Eco-Towers: The Top Ten Green Skyscrapers

  • New Device Turns Waste Heat into Electricity

  • Sooty Vessels Try to Turn Green

  • Eating Radiation: A New Form of Energy?

  • Building Better Biofuels
  • 7-June

  • Airline Industry Calls for a 'Zero-Emissions' Future

  • Competitors Start Engines In $10M Race For Fuel Efficiency

  • Big Solar: Stirling Energy Systems

  • From Turkey Waste, a New Fuel and a New Fight

  • Environmentalist Dreams of New York Rooftop Farms

  • 9-June

  • What the World Eats

  • First 100% Solar Powered Community In California Opens

  • $60 Billion to Fight African Diseases

  • Gates Funds Global Health Monitor

  • Corn Ethanol Unprofitable By 2008, Says Iowa State
  • 10-June

  • Amazon Rainforest At A Tipping Point, But Globalization Could Help Save It

  • What Does the Internet Look Like?

  • Solar-Beaming Sats

  • Taskforce to Cut 'Cyber Warming'

  • Turning Cars Into Wireless Network Nodes
  • 11-June

  • These Satellite Images Document an Atrocity

  • Towards A True Price For Energy

  • Plastic That Heals Itself

  • Green Jobs, Good Jobs On The Way?

  • Greener Jet Fuel
  • 12-June

  • Bug Based Bio Fuel

  • Oxygen Trick Could See Organic Costs Tumble

  • Solar Decathalon Preview

  • Air Quality By SMS

  • EU Sees Green Future For Business
  • 13-June

  • ‘Avoided Deforestation’ Gets World Bank Investment

  • Social Issues Increasingly Impacting Forest Industry

  • Is It Time To Consider “Embodied” Emissions?

  • Sudan's Breathtaking Migration

  • 'Green' Polymer Made From Biodiesel And Wine Products
  • 15-June

  • Cows, Climate Change and Carbon Credits

  • iCare: A Peer To Peer Charity Marketplace Online

  • Intel and Google's Energy Drive

  • Plastic That Grows On Trees

  • The Global Impact of Cities
  • 16-June

  • Green Roofs Around The World

  • Coming Up - World's First 'Zero-Carbon' City

  • Microbes At Work Cleaning Up The Environment

  • Carbon-Neutral Banking For The Rural Poor

  • Reducing Environmental Risks Could Save Millions of Lives Annually

  • 17-June

  • Power-Generating Buoys Shelter In The Deep

  • What Does Africa Need Most: Technology or Aid?

  • Google to harness satellite power for an Amazon tribe

  • A Calculator to Help Save The Planet

  • Tiny Island Makes Climate a Priority
  • 18-June

  • Beer + Sunshine = Hot Water

  • Building a Better Brick

  • China Plants Trees To Hold Back Desertification

  • Carbon Negative Biofuels?!

  • Sutainability Reporting Becoming The Norm
  • 26-June

  • Google To Spend $10 Million On Electric Cars

  • Renewable revolution is here

  • Crunch Time on Energy

  • A Wiser Earth Movement

  • Next Generation Biofuels to Turn Human Waste Into Diesel
  • 28-June

  • Metaverse Roadmap Report

  • Vertical Farming in the Big Apple

  • Building a Bug to Harvest Oil

  • RFID Helps Track Rainforest Wildlife

  • Connecting Microfinance to Markets
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