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Daily Dump -- Product Service in India
Sarah Rich, 13 Jul 07
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A new product-service company called Daily Dump just launched in Bangalore, India, with the goal of helping citizens achieve zero waste in their homes, offices, recreation facilities and businesses through composting. They've designed a range of beautiful terra cotta pots and containers for different uses, with clear attention to the range of aesthetic preferences customers have and the varying contexts in which they live and work. Once clients have chosen the appropriate vessel for their needs, Daily Dump provides ongoing in-home service to help teach composting, maintain and adjust people's piles, and deal with pests and keep the unit clean.

Like a cell phone company, they offer several different service plans depending on how self-sufficient their customers feel, with emergency-only options for the real self-starters. They also encourage the development of micro-enterprise by training young people in compost pot design, composting and service. They even offer a gift option for gung-ho composters who want to convert skeptics and doubters and spread the zero-waste gospel.

The site is still under construction but several features -- including participatory options through product development and what appears to be some kind of franchising opportunity -- look like they'll further increase the complexity of the company's offerings to enhance the community-oriented and product service elements.

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Good thing they aren't familiar with colloquial American English, as that business name is pretty off-color.

Posted by: Nee on 13 Jul 07



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