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News and Views -- August 17, 2007
Emily Gertz, 17 Aug 07
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We want to introduce ourselves and our new patented system to help preserve homes from future devastating floods which is applicable for any area with the potential to do so. This letter of introduction was directed at our home state until we realized the need for this system nationwide. This is not only applicable to homes and communities but any structure , campuses, shopping malls, industrial parks, etc.

After the headlines Sunday August 5th Times Picayune, about the corps information on the levee's are NOT ready, this back up system as the corps properly named it is ready for installation and function.

Recently we have had several news articles written about us and our patented system for flood protection. What we need is a champion to help endorse our system. We are not changing the footprint of this city with our system nor any other, in fact we are preserving the land and lives.

Below is our standard from letter for simplicity of information.
Good Day:

We have secured a Patent on a Flood Protection Wall that when installed around a given neighborhood will eliminate the need to raise homes to meet the FEMA flood guidelines. For commercial applications, it allows the same protection around shopping centers, educational campuses, health facilities, refineries, etc.
As important, the cost of the flood protection wall compared to expense of raising properties saves at least 50% of the cost of elevating, not including the added costs for on slab, two story residences and plumbing-electrical retrofitting.

Fact is that if the invention had been in place before Katrina/Rita, hundreds of thousands of homes and business would have been spared from flooding.

We have been working with FEMA for the past many months and through their evaluations wrote a recent letter stating,..."if a community was interested in pursuing this concept (flood wall installation), the community could make application to the State of Louisiana for a mitigation grant to fund the project”.

A 7.5 min. presentation disc has been developed which clearly illustrates why and how the invention works in addition to supporting the existing levees and flood control systems. We would very much appreciate the opportunity to present the disc and answer any questions regarding the invention. It is currently under consideration for use by homeowner associations, Parish governments, etc., who are impressed by its simplicity and functionality.

We are working with the Louisiana Regional Planning Commission, and, Senator Mary Landrieu's office has written they will expedite any mitigating funding for the projects installation.

Recently we have completed an analysis of Lakeview and several surrounding subdivisions and the cost comparison verses raising homes is astounding. This is a viable solution in exchange for raising homes, etc. It will enable communities to return, business to flourish and provide the safety net the Corps cannot provide.

We sincerely hope there might be an interest in learning more about this unique invention and we look forward to a positive reply to meet with you at your earliest convenience. We will be contacting you very soon for an appointment.

Here are links, if the links don't function properly type in: " Ruination the Mother of Invention" July 2, 2007 Times Picayune, google or yahoo.

We were recently interviewed by the Los Angeles Times bureau chief , Richard Faucett Atlanta, Ga., and the piece will be coming out front page August 29, 2007. Also interviewed on the TV Show " The Business Exchange"by Mr. Roy Mack of the Louisiana Economic Development Southeast Director.


John Knost, Inventor


Posted by: john knost on 22 Aug 07



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