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Open Architecture Network's Open Architecture Challenge
Emily Gertz, 13 Sep 07

Worldchanger Cameron Sinclair's Open Architecture Network has just announced the Open Architecture Challenge:

Imagining a world without the Internet is nearly impossible. Despite the Internet’s global significance, less than 20 percent of the world’s 6 billion people currently have access to the educational, social and economic opportunities it can create. You can change that.

Enter the AMD Open Architecture Challenge and help enable affordable Internet access to 50 percent of the world by 2015.

The AMD Open Architecture Challenge is an open, international design competition. Its aim is to develop not one but many solutions for building sustainable, multi-purpose, low-cost technology facilities for those who need them most. Three community partners have been selected to participate in this year's Challenge. Each site poses a unique set of design constraints and opportunities. While the needs of each client are unique, the hurdles they face in embracing technology to offer access to education, healthcare and the global marketplace are shared by millions of people in communities all over the world.

You do not have to be trained architect to participate.

The deadline for entries is January 15, 2008. Read more.

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