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NYC: Garbage Exhibition, Craft My Ride Competition
Emily Gertz, 13 Sep 07
I just got the latest "Greenjeans Gazette" from Worldchanging NYC contributor Amy Shaw -- Amy and her husband Jae own and operate their craft store Greenjeans in Brooklyn, featuring all sorts of gorgeous handmade goods -- nearly all made from organic materials like fabric, ceramic, wood and metal, and some featuring recycled materials. They have a selection of toxin-free toys for those concerned about the latest lead scares dealing with toys manufactured in China. Of particular interest to Worldchanging readers might be the store's fall art exhibition, Garbage Collection, opening September 26:
Pittsburgh-based glass artist Matthew Eskuche (sculpture shown above) and Brooklyn-based artist Anders Bergstrom (painting shown here) both make fascinating work based on the forms of crushed cans, discarded wine bottles and newspapers, bent drinking straws, and other trashy subjects. An essay written by garbage anthropologist and NYU professor Robin Nagle will accompany the exhibition.
And for those in (or appreciative of) the DIY scene, Amy and Jae are involved in a "mass-customization" type contest:
This fall, Toyota is sponsoring a cool competition cleverly titled "Craft My Ride" for creative types like you to make handmade car accessories for the Scion. We've been asked to serve as judges and help promote what we think is a pretty neat competition. Construct the ultimate cup holder. Build a bunk bed in the back seat. Knit a steering wheel cover. Whatever you do, make it fun and make it well! The competition is already underway, and the deadline for entries is October 22. All entries will be judged on creativity, usefulness, and marketability. The winner will take home a 2008 Scion XD five-door subcompact. Runners up will receive cash prizes. Not bad!
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