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Begging for a case mod: Lenovo's green computer
Emily Gertz, 17 Sep 07

Lenovo -- the company that bought out IBM's Thinkpad business -- has come out with a green machine: the $400 ThinkCentre A61e. As EcoGeek notes,

The ThinkCentre A61e will be the first Lenovo machine to acheive the coveted EPEAT Gold status for using few hazardous materials, being easy to recycle, and consuming very little power. Lenovo is also offering an optional solar panel along with the purchase of the thing. While it's cooler than Dell's optional carbon offset program, adoption rates will be a heck of a lot lower.

Why? Because the darn thing's hideous:


Okay, at least it exists. Next step, Lenovo: a DIY casemodder contest to make this thing look as good as an iMac.

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Wow. It looks like a VCR from the mid-90s. Where was the industrial designer on that one?

Posted by: Androo on 17 Sep 07

If this thing is good at their laptop, I'm buying it. Who the fuck care about look if the performance is good!

Posted by: ii on 17 Sep 07

I sure do. I don't like being surrounded by ugly things, no matter how well they work or how green their cred.

Posted by: Emily Gertz on 18 Sep 07

something smells very fishy with that design...there is no way a professional industrial designer was involved in the development of this product.

I would re-design it for free, Lenovo, just contact me.

Posted by: stiven on 27 Sep 07



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