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Emily Gertz, 18 Sep 07

Over at, Katrin Verclas has launched a series of articles on mobile phones in economic development, with a survey of the latest issue of BusinessWeek, which features "interesting sumamries of the state of affairs in mobiles in economic development. This apparently just to make it easy for us to get MobileActives around the world up to speed!" Not to mention Worldchanging readers new to the tremendous adoption rates of mobile phones around the world, and how they're faciliating economic opportunities in developing nations like Kenya and India.

Katrin also surveys some more comprehensive reports on mobiles and economic development, including "the famous Robert Jensen study on the now proverbial economic success of fishermen in Bangladesh upon introduction of mobiles in their small businesses. 'Economists have long emphasized that information is critical for the efficient functioning of markets,' Jensen writes in "The Digital Provide: Information (Technology), Market Performance and Welfare in the South Indian Fisheries Sector." And yet 'questions such as how much market performance can be enhanced by improving access to information, how much society gains from such improvements, and how those gains are shared between producers and consumers remain largely unanswered.'"

Go to for the links, and keep an eye on what's sure to be an interesting series of articles.

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Emily -- thanks for this! Watch for an article on the Village Phone Program by GrameenPhone and the Grameen Foundation, wondering whether in an age where even poor villager have their own phones, a 'shared' mobile phone has any economic purpose anymore.

We'll follow that with a profile of Tapan Parikh and the mobile tools he has developed to track payments of Indian village micro-entrepreneurs, changing the way they do business, all with a keen eye on grassroot needs.

2008 will be the year of the mobile phone and we'll see much more in the way of thorough examinations of how mobiles are changing the way we live, make money, and organize ourselves. The mobile revolution is alive and well!

Posted by: Katrin Verclas on 18 Sep 07



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