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City Farmer's Blog
Emily Gertz, 9 Oct 07

I only recently discovered the blog being written by City Farmer, aka Novella Carpenter of Oakland, Calif. Farmers who Write, and for that matter Writers Who Farm, are not new phenomena, or even particularly fringy (ex: Wendell Berry, one of the most acclaimed of American authors), but Carpenter has a lot going for her: she's unpretentious, enthusiastic, and in the vanguard of the growing trend of urbanist agriculture.

And then there's the sheer entertainment value:

Bill's at the Mekons show tonight. I was supposed to meet up with a potential housesitter (we're going out of town for the month of November--but who's going to take care of the animals?!!)...Lots to report on the farm. Here are the turkeys just before going to sleep. They're getting large. Edible. They follow me into the garden and we hang out most days, but then they start pecking me and I don't feel bad about their future in my oven. [link]
There aren't many other places where you're going to encounter the combination of a cult pop band and raising turkeys for slaughter.

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By way of context, has been operating for what seems like forever as the major online information repository for urban agriculture.

Posted by: Joe on 10 Oct 07



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