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Blog Action Day Blitzes Web With Green
Emily Gertz, 15 Oct 07

Monday's nearly over in most parts of the world, which means that Blog Action Day is winding down. This year bloggers were asked to spend the day typing about the environment; according to organizers asked by Reuters, "15,800 sites had signed up and were offering ideas to millions of people via blogs, or online diaries, ranging from planting more trees to how to recycle plastics." If one goes by this story, most of this traffic was in the "simple things you can do to save the earth" vein:

UNEP spokesman Nick Nuttall said people often felt overwhelmed by global environmental problems -- bloggers such as one called "" could help with their tips on recycling household items such as blue jeans or eyeglasses.

Jeans, for instance, can be cut up and used in other clothing. Glasses can sometimes be re-used, often by people in developing nations, if handed in to a specialized recycler.

Certainly making strategic consumption choices is one important way to help tip larger systems towards transformation -- some, as our columnist Mindy Lubber pointed out today, are already starting to change.

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