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The Best of Mobile Blogging, Every Week
Emily Gertz, 26 Oct 07

I love Carnival of the Mobilists, a weekly digest of the best blogging on all things mobile (as in mobile phones and related communications technology). Each week's entry is compiled and written by a different contributor, guaranteeing great variety in the chosen highlights.

This week's digest, Carnival of the Mobilists #96, was produced by Rudy de Waele of the blog, who the past several days "one of the most dense and exciting periods in mobile of the year." And that's borne out by the choice links Rudy provides, from the release of Google Docs Mobile to the recent Mobile 2.0 conference in San Francisco. The writers of CotM don't neglect intersections of culture and politics with mobile tech; Rudy highlights this with links to discussions about mobiles and privacy:

Mobilist ‘godmother’ Judy Breck reports on Smartmobs how students are “sorting out student mobile rights at school“, an issue that Oliver Starr mentioned also in one of his live blogging posts at Mobile 2.0 on Blognation:
“Seriously, though in all the discussion we’ve had today no one has really emphasized privacy and I think that the total erosion of privacy is perhaps the single most significant change that people will ultimately “feel” as it has massive and lasting repercussions that will reverberate across all cultures, socio-economic groups, and aspects of life.”

Clearly not to be overlooked issues in our maxed out social media world of today.

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