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Envisioning the Future of Ecology, Politics and Consciousness
Alex Steffen, 1 Nov 07
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Run, don't walk, to the newsstand to get yourself a copy of the latest issue of What Is Enlightenment?.

I'd never seen this magazine before, but Ross Robertson has written one of the best articles yet on what bright green environmentalism means, what it implies, and why thinking about the future is radically practical. (Along the way, he quotes a number of Worldchangers, including myself, Sarah and Jamais, as well as many of our key allies like Bucky Fuller, Bruce Sterling and Janine Benyus.) Don't let the spiritual wrapper put you off. This is top-notch intellectual journalism.

It's not yet available online (though we hope they'll make it available in the near future), so you'll have to actually find a print copy of the magazine, but it's worth the search: if you're looking for a good, short explanation of bright green thinking to give to your hipper friends, this is it.

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Hi Alex & All,

The way I found out about your wonderful website was from the very article you mention. For someone, like myself, with bachelor's in environmental education, I have certainly been reinspired by the brighter green construct. Of late, I've been a massage therapist/"spiritual R' Us" kinda' guy (MAYBE not your proto-typical "world-changer"). Reading and re-membering "bright green" was like hearing something I knew existed instinctively.

I'm appreciative of "What is Enlightenment?" (WIE) as one of many ways to engage/play connect-the-dots with the world. Writing from an integrative perspective fascinates me. And to have an informative article speak to my deep ecological values while introducing me to viridian design, wasn't anything less than "divine". (sorry, couldn't resist;)

And to add to another series of inqueries on this website (related to my passion for the written word), I wonder what places there are to study communication (the intention of any design, viridian or otherwise), with specific attention to a bright green/sustainable vision?

Lastly, if you go out and get this issue of WIE, be sure to check out the interview with Steve McIntosh, called "Integral Politics Comes of Age".

joshua levine

Posted by: Joshua Levine on 1 Nov 07



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