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Smaller Batteries Mean Better Mobiles...and Electric Bicycles
Emily Gertz, 14 Nov 07

The same technological innovation that has enabled the ginormous global adoption rate for mobile phones -- the advent of small, powerful, fast-charging batteries -- has come to the world of two-wheeled personal transit. Bicycle store owner Brian Poncin has dropped us a line to rave about the new Schwinn electric bicycle:

We were the first shop in the country to stock the bike and we sold out in a couple weeks. There is a huge demand for this bike all over the country because it is the best electric bicycle ever put into production. It is almost too good! We are finally getting a new shipment of just a few bikes in a couple of days...We currently have a waiting list for the bike.

According to a June article in the Chicago Sun-Times, the revolutionary aspect of this bicycle, compared to previous electric bikes, is that the battery weight has been reduced a whopping 75 percent -- from 40 down to around 20 10 pounds. And you get around 60 miles to the charge at speeds up to 18 miles per hour. Poncin told the paper that it's about the size of a laptop battery.

"The bike is so good most people just hand me their credit card without discussing price!" writes Brian.

This Schwinn joins a slowly growing list of options for people who want a comfortable, easy to use bicycle (read: easy coasting, braking, minimal and protected gearing) that's also fairly easy on the wallet -- like the Trek Lime, featured in ID Magazine's "New and Notable '07" issue. And these bikes look great, too.

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That's amazing performance! I couldn't spot a price anywhere - dare I ask how much?

Posted by: Scatter on 15 Nov 07

I couldn't spot a price anywhere - dare I ask how much?

They have three models, retailing between $1,500 and $2,000. The most expensive of the three has shaft drive, while the other two use chain drive.

Posted by: ned on 15 Nov 07

Thanks ned. That's really quite reasonable (from a UK perspective anyway with more than $2 to the £!).

Posted by: Scatter on 15 Nov 07

Thanks ned. That's really quite reasonable (from a UK perspective anyway with more than $2 to the £!).

Oh and under the magnificent Cycle Scheme you can get conventional and electric bikes tax free :)

Schwinn please ship some over here!

Posted by: Scatter on 15 Nov 07

I've been riding a wonderful Canadian-made electric bike wheel, BionX (, for the last year. Same price range, mileage, weight, but faster charge time. Also, you don't have to buy their bike, you can retrofit your existing steel steed. The smooth 20 mph clip I ride on our bike trails is only a few mph slower than Anchorage's average car speed. Nothing like passing a long line of cars while going uphill... I've only driven to work (approx 5.5 miles) 4 times this year.

Posted by: Geo Donart on 17 Nov 07



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