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Sat. Nov. 17: Clinton, Edwards, Kucinich Discuss Climate Policy
Emily Gertz, 16 Nov 07

US climate change and energy policies haven't been getting enough attention in the run-up to the US presidential election. But three US presidential candidates have agreed to discuss it in a forum tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 17 at 2 pm Pacific: Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Dennis Kucinich. "All Democratic and Republican presidential candidates were invited to attend," writes Grist, one of the event's sponsors; kudos to these three for taking up the invite.

Click here to go to video and audio feeds of the forum. And check out Grist and Outside Magazine's interviews with and info on the candidates' environmental and energy positions.

(Full disclosure: I sometimes write for Grist.)

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Kucinich is a serious candidate & his administration will be known as the Works Green Administration. I hope people will begin to see this man, who has the integrity & courage to stand up for the people, as their next President. He will lead this country to renewable energy by 20% in only 6 yrs. He does not tell rhetorics unlike other candidates. Look at his voting records on environmental policies, and you'll know you're looking at the right candidate. No need to look for others. And his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Kucinich had a Master's degree in International Conflict Resolution. She will also play a great supporting role to her husband's new vision for America "Strength through Peace." I'm voting for Kucinich!

Posted by: Jamie on 17 Nov 07

Only Kucinich offers a comprehensive and substantial environmental policy. Sadly, voters will be kept in the dark about it because it threatens the status quo and the interests of the multinationals that now own the media that (just barely) gives him any coverage whatsoever.

Please be independent in yur research of the candidates, voters - and you'll see why Dennis Kucinich is truly the only honest choice for making the country - and the planet - a better place for all of us. is a great starting place.

Posted by: Stephen on 19 Nov 07



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