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Hyper-Miling Hybrid Highway Challenge
Emily Gertz, 30 Nov 07

Jackie Goetz writes: "I thought you and your readers might be interested in a video we recently shot. It’s all about Hyper-Miling, a new sport that seems to be gaining a lot of momentum underground. The contestants use hybrid vehicles to get the best MPG. It’s a fresh approach, and I’m happy to see people getting behind some positive trends. This is also a great example of "everyday green" ideas. They offer some good tips on increasing fuel efficiency and getting the most out of a tank."

Thanks, Jacquie!

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'Hyper-Miling' applies to any vehicle.

I'm proud to say I've been doing this since the late '80s when I began driving as a teenager ... as a matter of principle, and for the fun of continually improving skills in vehicle operation and traffic dynamics.

It's about time people are beginning to smarten up.

All the years of watching people accelerate towards an intersection that was 'red' only to immediately apply the brakes. It's absolutely ridiculous. People live in the 'false dichotomy' world of "either/or": it's either 'Go' or 'Stop'; one or the other; good or bad; black or white. What about the infinite continuum of 'in between'? That's where the solutions are to be found.

I suggest you readers carry out your own research in your respective communities and observe, scientifically, the behaviour of people while driving. Watch, and listen to their hard, excessive and inappropriate acceleration that leads to hard, excessive and inappropriate braking.


A metaphor of society?

Posted by: David on 2 Dec 07

Driving efficiently is nothing new, but I am glad that the idea is growing. I am concerned that efficiency driving events are still driving events burning fossil fuels for fun and creating unnecessary pollution.

Posted by: Dave on 2 Dec 07

check it out

Posted by: Ben Reason on 4 Dec 07

Mother Jones published an article about hyper-miling earlier this year:

However, they missed the irony in the fact that the guy they were extolling as "the king of the hyper-milers" had a shockingly-long commute related to his choice of suburb living:

"He uses the Accord for a hellacious two-hour commute to the Braidwood Nuclear Power Station, where he works as an operator."

Surely eco-density is a much more practical solution to fuel economy! In a recent interview on Vancouver commuting habits, Translink (Vancouver's transportation authority) said,

"38 per cent of people who live and work downtown now walk to their jobs. Others have short bus rides to work."

Live in city communities and leave your cars at home! Perhaps then, our new metaphor for society will be a pleasant stroll through tree-lined boulevards. With a Starbucks at every corner, of course...

Posted by: Geoffrey Mantel on 6 Dec 07

Yes, interesting idea, but essentially repackaging an old idea. I have to agree with Geoffrey in that even in a fuel efficient car, a long commute still is a poor use of resources, not to mention a drain on the individual. The only real answer is to build cities where you can live in your community rather than drive to it.

Also, for more of this check out Project Outrage, a movement against the spread of suburban housing in our cities. It's at

Posted by: Chris Vander Hoek on 6 Dec 07



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