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Dear readers,

We're hoping by now you know what Worldchanging is: we're hoping you know that in the little more than four years we've been around we've created some of the most influential solutions-based journalism on sustainability and social innovation published anywhere in the world. We've won or been nominated for most of the big awards in our field (including the Utne Independent Press Award, Webbies for best magazine and best blog, and Bloggies for best group blog and best writing). We've been winning rave reviews for our website and book in places like the New York Times Magazine, Wired and the Guardian (you can click here to download a PDF of the latest piece on our work, in WIE magazine). Our work is being taught in universities, cited in leading journals, quoted by politicians and translated into other languages.

We work hard, and that work is having an impact -- we're helping to spread the idea that we can create a bright green future, and to share or imagine the tools, models and ideas for building it.

We hope you know all this, and that you get how much we do, and how much impact we're having. What you may not know is what goes on behind the scenes.

Worldchanging is an incredibly tiny nonprofit with a budget that, as Denis Hayes says, "would be a rounding error for many groups."

We have, at the moment, only two full-time and four part-time staff. Those six people edit the site, run our other editorial programs (like our books and speaking tours), facilitate the work of freelancers and volunteers, troubleshoot our technical operations, keep the nonprofit running, raise money, sell ad space, answer our (plentiful) email, reply to inquiries and comments as best we can, represent the organization in the media, and make sure the rent gets paid on time and the recycling gets taken out.

In other words, this entire project is run on a shoestring, with a small staff and many volunteers investing an extremely large amount of hard work and long hours to make it a success.

Most of the money it takes to run Worldchanging we make ourselves through book royalties, speaking fees, and some online commerce and ads. The rest is contributed by a small core of key supporters who see the value in what we do.

We hope you'll become one of these key supporters. We need our readers to help us keep Worldchanging going. We need you.

Worldchanging is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. All contributions are U.S. tax-deductible. 100% of your gift will go to support Worldchanging's editorial work.

Please give today. And if you can, please consider pledging a recurring gift, to help support our work throughout the year.

This year, almost two and a third million people visited this site, with hundreds of thousands more reading us via feeds and syndication. At least fifty thousand of you are faithful Worldchanging readers who follow our work closely. We're asking for 500 of you to step forward now and show that what we do here matters enough to you that you're willing to donate something to keep it going.

Thank you.

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THANK YOU!! What you people do is insane. I watched the ups and downs and ups as you keep printing my favorite website in all kinds of weather. I know its not easy.I never made a donation to you before. I suppose now its time to do it! I can promise you are making a difference, so don't give up.

Posted by: spike on 3 Dec 07



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