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Worldchanging on the CBC
Alex Steffen, 3 Dec 07

Nice article on the CBC website the other day, A little good news: Green America:

Not surprisingly, Americans being Americans, the whole crisis has taken on an air of entrepreneurial optimism. At a speech in Seattle in early November, former president Bill Clinton told his audience that the challenge of climate change was “a godsend. It is,” he explained, “in my personal view, for the United States, the greatest economic opportunity since we mobilized for World War II.”

To get some sense of the dynamism at play here, it’s worth paying a visit to a handful of websites. Check out, for instance, and, two sites out of Seattle and New York, respectively, that have become must-reads for people captivated by possibility rather than gloom. is a wonderful compendium of news from around the world about innovations and trends in building a sustainable future. This month’s topics include “Green building in small-town America,” “Costa Rica and New Zealand on Path to Carbon Neutrality,” “Eating Local During the Dark Days of Winter,” and “the Eco-Friendly, Net Zero Energy Potato Chip.” (You’ve probably never thought of the energy expenditure of a potato chip. I have. Last summer, out of idle curiosity, I placed a Pringles on the edge of my marshmallow toasting fork and lowered it into a bonfire. To my perturbed amazement, it proceeded to flame for a good three minutes like an oil-soaked torch. I think Worldchanging was referring to the production process, not the hitherto unrecognized potential for reading by chip lamp. But I’ve been meaning to tell someone about the Pringle.)

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