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A Year of Worldchanging Ideas
Alex Steffen, 31 Dec 07
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Happy New Year! Let's take this chance to look back over a terrific year.

Now, we've been advised that we do a lousy job of reminding readers about the range and depth of the stories we've published here (closing in on 8,000 over the last four years). That's probably more true than ever of 2007. Over the last year we ran more than 2,000 stories, including a number of pieces that I think are pretty much the best stuff we've ever done.

So, in the interests of pointing out the good work done by folks on the Worldchanging team, here is my list of the top Worldchanging posts of 2007. It's very subjective, though many of these stories have also been among our most popular (judged by visits) and provocative (judged by media coverage and blog links) posts as well.

In any case, I hope that you'll enjoy this opportunity to skim through some of my faves from the year, and that you'll find something interesting and new here, and perhaps even something that changes your thinking about how to change the world.

I've grouped them in a series of blog posts:

2007's Best: Our Series on Bright Green Principles

2007's Best: The Future

2007's Best: Big Picture Pieces

2007's Best: Climate

2007's Best: Backstories, Footprints and Ecosystem Services

2007's Best: Cities

2007's Best: Transportation

2007's Best: Sustainable Design

2007's Best: Green Building

2007's Best: Emerging Technology

2007's Best: Lifestyle and Consumption

2007's Best: Green Computing, Mining and Chemistry

2007's Best: Energy

2007's Best: Food

2007's Best: Apparel

2007's Best: Technology, Communications and Politics

2007's Best: Culture

2007's Best: Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy

2007's Best: Sustainable Development

2007's Best: Education

2007's Best: Our Foreign Correspondents

2007's Best: Notes from the Road

Thanks for a great year! See you in 2008...

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These are excellent ideas. Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list. I have posted a similar list on my blog titled "Reasons To Get Excited About '08."

Posted by: Libuse Binder on 11 Jan 08

Has the Alcohol Fuel website been covered here?

How about the many uses of hemp and plant fibres - here's a plastics page,

"There is of course the rest of the Henry Ford story. He didn't stop with a few car parts, Ford predicted that he would some day "grow automobiles from the soil." Which he did after 12 years of research."

Posted by: zupakomputer on 16 Jan 08



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