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Doris Obermair Interview in Spanish
Alex Steffen, 9 Jan 08

For the Spanish speakers in the crowd, here's Doris Obermair's recent interview with me:

«Las empresas son la única fuerza que puede producir la transformación lo suficientemente rápido; los gobiernos no pueden imponer el cambio, pero alguien tiene que provocarlo, y ese alguien es el sector empresarial...

Para tener un modelo de prosperidad, un mismo modelo planetario de prosperidad compartido por todos, yo creo que nosotros, el mundo desarrollado, debemos ser los que sudemos tinta para inventarlo»

I don't, unfortunately, speak Spanish, so I can't say much more than I hope your enjoy it, and thank Doris, Petz, Sergio, Amanda and Carlos for their recent hospitality in Spain.

PS: Machine translation says "The companies are the only force that can produce the transformation the sufficiently fast thing; the governments cannot impose the change, but somebody must cause it, and that somebody is the enterprise sector... In order to have a prosperity model, a same planetary model of prosperity shared by all, I believe that we, the developed world, must be those that we sweat red to invent it."

We sweat red to invent it might as well be our latest motto!

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