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Water Saving Hero
Alex Steffen, 10 Jan 08

We write a lot about water, indeed, it's one of our content categories. With water shortages emerging all around the globe, the water supply we have increasingly changing because of climate change or worsening in quality from unsustainable use, and conflicting ecological, social and economic uses for the water that remains, we can expect to see water become one of the defining challenges of our century.

California is already experiencing droughts and shortages. There's a desperate need there to think about water in new ways.

So, in the tradition of TransitMan, a partnership of Bay Area water agencies now brings us Water Saving Hero, a campaign devoted the very real ways in which citizens can save water.

It's cute and smart. Check it out. Though remember, residential water use is only the tip of the (rapidly melting) iceberg: cropland irrigation uses vastly more water, and water offsets might be an even better idea than extreme conservation

(via Osocio)

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compared to recycling plastic bags and alternative fuels, which people esp. in wealthy countries tend the be focussed on, water shortage is definitely much closer threat to the underprivileged.

global warming is just one more threat generates by over-industrialization transferred to existing woes in those countries

Posted by: Bummer Han on 10 Jan 08



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