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The Green Prize: What Were the Most Worldchanging Books of 2007?

Last year we had the honor of receiving a Green Prize for Sustainable Literature for our book, and we're glad to see they're going to be awarding them again. It's a pretty cool idea, acknowledging authors who are writing well about the future of the planet:

Criteria The title must have been published in the United States in the 2007 calendar year. The title must reflect basic sustainability criteria: -Future and long-term oriented -Awareness of ecological and resource limits -Regional as well as global in scope -Cognizant that everything is interconnected -Concerned with creating diverse and balanced communities -Inclusive of social equality and well-being -Supportive of public involvement in community decisions -Promotes environmental, economic or social equity ideals

Titles will also be judged on:
-Effective presentation of material, including exceptional integration of text, illustration, and design
-Distinctive literary quality
-Originality of scholarship, including uniqueness of format or approach to the topic
-Youth titles should be appropriate for children in grades K-12 and have potential for classroom use

Books will be judged by a panel of librarians and local authorities on sustainability issues.

Submission Deadline
March 31, 2008

Submission Guidelines
Publishers, authors, librarians and the public are welcome to suggest candidates for the prize, and may submit more than one title. Publishers or authors should send two copies of the book and a brief cover letter that includes contact information and indicates how you learned about the Green Prize.

Who would you nominate from 2007? What would you say the best, most worldchanging books of last year were?

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I read very few books, being too busy with blogs, videos, and news. One book stands out however:

'Supercapitalism', by Robert Reich
'It's All About Green Psychology'

Posted by: marguerite manteau-rao on 21 Jan 08

I nominate the following books:

Blessed Unrest
The World Without Us
The Clean Tech Revolution
Cascadia Scorecard 2007
Dirt: The Erosion of Civilization
The Consumers Guide To Home Energy Savings
The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook

Posted by: Michael Laurie on 25 Jan 08

i would also like to nominate the world without us. quite simply, it's an amazing book.

Posted by: chris madison on 1 Feb 08

Hi . .

New Book Suggestion: 'The REAL Wealth of Nations' by Riane Eisler. I have brought this book. It is a great read and I recommend it for all your readers. I am going to buy her other books too. I have read the book once and I am now going back through it so some of the really important stuff can really sink in and I can put it to good use.

Good reading

Philip Tuuta
New Zealand

Posted by: Philip Tuuta on 2 Feb 08



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