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Free Energy
Alex Steffen, 29 Jan 08

Here's a cute little bit of solutions porn: Free Energy

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Wonderful little snippet. The smile on the gentleman's face as he showers is positively contagious.

Posted by: Leif on 29 Jan 08

Great video.

I think that when we are promoting green technologies we should be accurate and appropriate. The video seems to imply that the two solar panels are able to supply enough electricity to run a light, electric burner and heat water for a shower. This is extremely unlikely - more likely impossible.

The light certainly but not the hot water and cooking. It would be more appropriate (and less expensive) to use solar hot water panels for the water heating.

Creating unrealistic expectations for green technologies doesn't help the cause - it harms it.

Posted by: Rob Baxter on 31 Jan 08

Oops. The first time I watched the video I missed the fact there was already a solar hot water heater on the roof of this building. So, it was only the cooking element that may have been unrealistic...

Posted by: Rob Baxter on 1 Feb 08

Thank you. The video did make me smile also. I got excited. This is what we should be bringing to developing countries. By doing so, we will bring more happiness to their lives, and we will prevent more emissions.

How many solar panels equal the total Iraq war spending so far?

Posted by: marguerite manteau-rao on 1 Feb 08



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