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Rebate Strategy
Jon Lebkowsky, 2 Feb 08
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Legislators are still debating an economic stimulus package, but it's pretty certain we'll see a U.S. tax rebate. I heard one legislator, interviewed by NPR, say how, once the rebate's passed and the check's distributed, citizens should do their jobs ad consumers and spend the money into the staggering, confused economy. The Simple Living Network has a Don't Buy It campaign, saying "it is difficult to imagine why anyone would help reinforce the behavior of a broken government or stimulate an out of control economy by purchasing more stuff and junk." The elevator speech: "Don't Buy It, Change The Economy, Put Your Rebate To Work!" What I'm hearing is that we should think strategically about the use of our rebate dollars. Proponents of the rebate have a clear strategy: stimulate the economy by sending a little windfall that everybody will feel comfortable spending on the usual crap, the microwave ovens and color tvs of the old Dire Straits tune. As the simple livers imply, their strategy doesn't have to be our strategy. The Worldchanging rebate strategy: spend those dollars on the bright green economy. Buy products that support sustainability. Examples: local food, green design, solar or wind energy products, urban gardens, recycled whatever, energy efficiency, green computers... the Bright Green Wiki is full of helpful references..

Needless to say, one excellent use of your rebate would be to donate some or all of it to Worldchanging!

What are your thoughts about rebate strategy? What are you planning do do with your extra dollars?

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pre-buy our CSA for 2 years!!

Posted by: Garth on 2 Feb 08

What are your thoughts about rebate strategy? What are you planning do do with your extra dollars?

If 'a' rebate is a good idea ... well why does Uncle Sugar need the money in the first place?

I'm spending mine on .. property taxes. From Uncle Sam to the local guys.

If not for that I'd certainly consider plunging the whole amount (we have three kids) into a CD.

Posted by: Brian on 2 Feb 08

I think the reality of the rebate will be this. Most of the money will flow right out of America and into China. Those are where the product that most people will buy are made today including food. So the big sucking sound you hear will be the dollars flying out of our economey and will will be standing in the same place we are now. I would encourage everyone to ear mark this little wind fall to buy local and buy USA. The only people who will benifit are the from this stimu-less package are the globle middle men and politicans. We have followed a business plan that is not and never has been balanced and the shift is too far to the global side of the supply and demand market. Americans became super consumers and the wind in our sails has gone east. Yes by all means invest in green, buy green. What if we all invested some of the money into carbon credits or alternative energy, would that give us a boost? I saw a Bill Moyer's report where his guest suggested we use that money for a national works project to build sustainable infrastucture like FDR did in the 30's. We still use those buildings and bridges and Dams. What if we did that and started a retrofitting of the urban areas with solar, or wind power sources. Just Imagine what we could do collectively. But we won't

Posted by: David E on 3 Feb 08

Buy some Euros?

Posted by: Patrick on 5 Feb 08



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