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How To Change The World
Katie Kurtz, 21 Feb 08

Art House, a cooperative based in Atlanta, Georgia that hosts nationwide art projects, is asking you to be a part of the second annual Sketchbook Project. This year's theme: How To Change The World.

Everyone has ideas on how they would change the world. Whether its something as small as planting a tree or as grand as beating up every boss at the end of each level on the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, it's your solution to the world. Show it in your sketchbooks.

You send them $13, they mail you a sketchbook then you mail it back to the by August 1, 2008. Judging from the many comments left here, we know you have a ton of WorldChanging ideas to share.

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How about they specify the sketchbook size and you buy your own? What a huge waste to use truck and plane to mail the money then the sketchbook, then the sketchbook again... Buying your own would cut out at least one mailing of the sketchbook... How about changing the world one little (logical) step at a time?

Posted by: chainbreakin on 3 Mar 08

I've thought about writing many times in the midst of my passionate crusade to change the world.

We call it Recycle to Eradicate Poverty. We recycle used cell phones and inkjet cartidges, waste harmful to the environment, to fund microfinance loans to the poor; the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize poverty alleviation strategy.

We've been in the local news for with NBC-5 and Dallas Morning News.
So far, 3 Universities, 5 community colleges, 2 high schools, 1 elementary school, and 30 companies are participating in the North Texas region.

To Watch Video:

Its taken a bit of time learning by trial and error but we've got a real way logistically to preserve the environment for future generations while simultaneously helping families rise from poverty with dignity.

People easily help by getting a prepaid mail in baggy (you can have one sent to you by emailing Then you simply place the cellphone or ink cartridge in the bag and put it in your mailbox. We just set a goal of one million cell phones which translates to 150 trillion gallons of water saved and 130 thousand lives changed. It really educates young people about these two causes that they will be dealing with the rest of their lives AND gives them an way to apply that new knowledge to take action without even having to write a check.

Will you please give me the opportunity to stand up and make a bigger difference on so many levels?

Thank you,

Brian Weinberg
Recycle to Eradicate Poverty

Posted by: Brian Weinberg on 10 Mar 08



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