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Netsquared Mashup Challenge
Micki Krimmel, 1 Mar 08
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Netsquared is an organization devoted to connecting nonprofit organizations with Web 2.0 technologies to help them better achieve their goals. We've featured the work of Netsquared here on Worldchanging many times. We can hardly believe it ourselves but the third annual Netsquared conference (N2Y3) is almost upon us. In preparation for this year's event, Netsquared is inviting social innovators to share their ideas in The Netsquared Mashup Challenge.

What do you need to participate? Just an idea for a mashup that can be used as a tool for social change. Wikipedia defines a mashup as, "a web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool." So, for example, brings together campaign contribution data and legislators' voting records to raise awareness about the connection between money and politics.

How many times have you wished you could mashup two or more web applications to create an even more powerful tool? Well now is your chance. Just submit your idea by March 14 for your chance to share in the $100,000 prize money and access to first class developers to help turn your idea into reality.

The top 20 submissions as voted by the Netsquared community will be announced on March 24. The winners will be invited to attend N2Y3 in San Jose, CA this May. Applicants who enter before March 7 will also have the opportunity to work with Google engineers and product managers at the Google Hackathon.

For more information on the challenge, check out the FAQ. You can also view the list of projects already submitted in the Project Gallery.

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Thanks for spreading the word about the NetSquared Mashup Challenge, Micki. Your post has been one of the top referrers to the site.


Britt Bravo
Community Builder
NetSquared • A Project of Tech Soup

Posted by: Britt Bravo on 5 Mar 08

$100,000 MashUp Challenge NIXES Spectate Swamp project! Why?

Swamp Search was in, then it was removed by staff.

They had some lame excuse citing: "as it is not a web-based application and therefore does not meet our definition of a Mashup."

When sharing the source code. My intention was to get assistance in porting Swamp Search to the Net, Linux and the Mac.

Maybe they only want non-threatening apps, that are built on their Sponsors hardware or software. Not something that could completely eliminate the need for a number of their Advertisers. Too threatening too powerful.

See what they think about all this at:
It's getting bizarre.

Posted by: Spectate Swamp on 15 Mar 08



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