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Worldchanging Book for Earth Day

We've always had our issues with Earth Day, but now there's an Earth Day present we just can't argue with.

The paperback of our first book, Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century, is now available for purchase on Amazon at a bargain price and at quality booksellers throughout North America.

If you've been waiting for a less expensive edition to give to your friends, co-workers or retrograde uncle, now's your chance!

But don't take our word for it: Worldchanging has been a best-seller in both the U.S. and Canada, and our French edition has won a strong audience as well (translations into several other languages are under way). We won a Green Prize and garnered a ton of critical acclaim:

(Worldchanging) is a comprehensive, cohesive vision for sustainability that feels perfectly in sync with the times. Out with the muumuus, Bucky domes and brown rice; in with the Hug Shirt, renovated factory lofts and New Rice for Africa. If Worldchanging is any indicator, the new green movement is globally aware, technically savvy, design conscious and, above all, optimistic.
Jenn Shreve, Wired

That was the day a book called Worldchanging came across my desk and made me proud to call myself an environmentalist again. (Worldchanging is) so shamelessly up to the minute, it almost blew out all my green circuits before I could even get it out of its stylish slipcover.
Ross Robertson, WIE

Elegantly produced and built to last, Worldchanging exemplifies the intentions of its creators…keep this book beside your bed or bath, and skim through its pages whenever you need to be re-enthused about the future.
The Guardian

If you want to make your company more environmentally friendly or profit from the green desires of others, it's worth sampling the hundreds of bite-size articles.
James Pehokoukis, U.S. News

The book is both weighty (a 600-page hardcover with a slipcase) and broad (covering design, housing and cities, education, food, micro-finance, business and politics). It's received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly and lots of blog chatter. Some of this notice may be courtesy of the heavy-hitting authors of its forewords: Al Gore and Bruce Sterling.
Kelli B. Kavanaugh, Metro Times Detroit

This 608-page heir to the Whole Earth Catalog lays out countless ways that we can help create a sustainable future. Under sections like "Stuff" and "Shelter," it introduces readers to concepts like biomorphic architecture, zero-energy homes, and designing for disassembly. But mostly it gets you thinking: Why is our footprint so big? And how can we make it smaller?
U.S. News

Divided into seven sections, each addressing an aspect of daily living, Worldchanging is a cornucopia of solutions for people who want their habits to reflect their environmental and humanitarian ethics.
Julie Leibach, Audubon Magazine

The enormous guidebook offers a Whole Earth Catalog-style compendium of ecofriendly objects, books, foundations, products, designers, movements and more. Shop less, shop right, and the story your things tell about you will be happy.
Penelope Green, The New York Times

The inspired optimism of a massive how-to handbook titled Worldchanging: A User's Guide for the 21st Century should garner a national audience well beyond any stereotypical tree-hugger fringe demographic.
Carol Cooper, Village Voice

This book goes far beyond the usual diatribes to recycle and save water; it celebrates futuristic designs that allow the eco-conscious to save bundles of energy and lower emissions while living better lives. Worldchanging is so well written, so up-to-date, and so comprehensive in its information, tree-huggers will want it on their shelves for decades to come.
- Lynn Hamilton,

Worldchanging is more than a road map of lifestyle choices; it is an innovative look at today’s environmental and social justice issues, offering 600 pages of practical, real-world solutions, including green building and “giving well.” If you’re looking for pragmatic ways to make the Earth a better place, Worldchanging does more than champion changing light bulbs and recycling—it challenges us to change the world.
- Scott Edward Anderson, the Nature Conservancy Magazine

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