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Worldchanging and the Green Blogosphere
Alex Steffen, 18 Apr 08

We were honored to see that Worldchanging made Time magazine's list of the world's top 15 green sites.

The great thing is that the list includes not only Grist, TreeHugger and RealClimate -- sites we're often compared to and contrasted with -- but less well-known but totally great sites by a bunch of our allies like Andy Revkin's star rookie blog DotEarth, No Impact Man, Ecogeek, NRDC's Switchboard (though I'd think OnEarth deserves a mention too), and Climate Progress.

It's nice to see some acknowledgment of the breadth and depth of online reporting on the environment. My only criticism would be that green in this case appears to have encompassed a pretty narrow spectrum of problems and solutions. Little here on science-driven sustainable development for poverty alleviation, for instance (SciDevNet's a good source for news on that front). At a time when the debate is increasingly broadening to encompass the whole range of sustainability and human development concerns, that seems an unfortunate oversight.

Still, thanks, Time!

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Excellent point. We need a more holistic approach to green. Call it quality of life or BLUE or whatever you'd like. All of these issues are tied together like any other system and need to be addressed accordingly. Being carbon neutral on a Twinkie diet does not make sense.

Posted by: Max Gladwell on 20 Apr 08



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