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Intern at Worldchanging!
Julia Levitt, 12 May 08


Hey you! Passionate about sustainability and social innovation? Want to work on the frontiers of journalism and new media? Worldchanging is looking for a few bright, creative and exceptionally motivated interns to help us launch several big projects now in the works.

We expect interns to commit to a minimum of 20 hours/week for at least 10 weeks, and to display professionalism in meeting that commitment. You'll need to work at least half time on-site in our cool, funky, Seattle loft office. Most importantly, you'll need a passion for thinking about solutions to the planet's most pressing problems: if you have that, this gig will be exciting, challenging and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work on the cutting edge of sustainability.

These positions, though no doubt rewarding on other levels, are unpaid. We can, however, offer incredible exposure, access to great thinkers, invitations to cool events, and, occasionally, a free lunch.

Are you the right person for the job? Tell us why by submitting the appropriate materials (details below), no later than 5:00 pm PST, June 10. And the sooner, the better: applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

We're equal opportunity around here, and welcome applications from women and cultural, ethnic and sexual minorities.

Creative Media Intern
You're a confident, creative, experienced art-maker to spend the summer photographing, illustrating and otherwise art-ifying for our our website. Basic computer skills and access to your own image editing software are a must. Your own photography equipment is a plus. You'll enjoy a LOT of creative freedom in this assignment, so be prepared to test your own limits and see your work published!
To apply: Please send your cover letter, resume and 5-8 best samples of your work to Julia Steinberger, Managing Editor, at

Editorial Intern (2-3 positions available)
You're a bold, bright, optimistic information-seeker who loves to be the first to share new solutions. The work itself will be a mix of editorial research and project organization. You'll need to apply good writing, communication, fact-checking and research skills. Basic computer skills are a must; competence with spreadsheets will put you at the top of our list.
To apply: Please send your cover letter, resume and 3-4 best samples of your writing to Julia Steinberger, Managing Editor, at

Fundraising/Events Intern:
You're an outgoing, energetic type who enjoys reaching out to all types via phone, email and face-to-face meetings. You believe in the Worldchanging mission and feel confident pitching our work to those whose funding helps make it possible. You have some significant experience organizing fundraising drives and events, and you're ready to throw your ideas out there and make them happen.
To apply: Please send your cover letter, resume and a list of your 5 best ideas for do-able fundraising projects (small or large) to Julia Steinberger, Managing Editor, at

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I am calling you from Bordeaux France, I am involved in politics, economy and sustainable developpment and i would love to develop Worldchanging french branch.

I am 36, I made business school, got 10 yeaurs high level management experience, got international network on a political and economical level, can you pealse answer me, your book is my bible, i am planning to make a european event on ICLEI program called procura+ which deal about sustainable procurement. How could we work together to improve your lobbying in France and Europe.
Txs for answering,

Hubert tortes saintjammes.

Posted by: Hubert tortes saint jammes on 18 May 08

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