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A Whole Different Kind of Green Roof
Alex Steffen, 8 Jun 08

I like these images, from the FreakAngels series.

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what would we call this -- Urban Forest Infill??

brings to mind some ideas of urban greenways that develop out of abandoned structures or lots. would love to see this sort of thing spring up in the real.

Posted by: acl on 8 Jun 08

I like your post. Is this green roof really practical?

Posted by: sikantis on 8 Jun 08

You could have at least linked FreakAngels there.
6 pages a week webcomic from Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield.

Posted by: amplifier on 8 Jun 08

Doh! Didn't realized I hadn't linked. Thanks for the catch.

Further, let me say that Freakangels is really worth reading...

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 8 Jun 08

Is a green roof practical?

Yes and no. The problem is that all that water and biomass is *heavy*, and weighs more than the average roof is designed to safely carry.

So, it's feasible if you start designing buildings with that intention (simplistically, it could be viewed as adding another floor rather than a roof.)

But, kids, don't just go doing this at will not be popular when you come though the ceiling of the main bedroom!

...Thinking about it, I would have our friend put his water tanks on the floor below (or the ceiling cavity), and pump it back up again (via solar power, naturally)

Posted by: Tony Fisk on 9 Jun 08

This looks a lot like the rooftops I see here in Taiwan. It´s quite normal to squeeze considerably sizable gardens into small balconies or rooftop porches here. In fact, we have one at our house.

I love walking around town and seeing a palm trees, vegetables, and vines jutting from the roof of an otherwise unremarkable building.

Posted by: Robert on 10 Jun 08

mmmmmmm very "Steampunk's Guide to the Apocalypse".


Posted by: Terra Verde on 10 Jun 08


I knew you were cool before, but this post raises it to a whole new level.

Posted by: Geoffrey Mantel on 11 Jun 08

Looks nice, but the wind would tear that roof right off, and/or blow a pot off the edge onto some innocent passerby. Looks like the apocalypse has already happened so legal liability wouldn't be a problem though.

Posted by: Aquaponic Dave on 11 Jun 08

Well, now let's not get to carried away in the practicalities here. I think that the concept itself is the important thing, that, and the perspective shift it supplies us with. Cool idea, I'd love to see this in practice (although it might not be practical or safe). *starts dreaming*

Posted by: FM on 15 Jun 08



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