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Sarah Kuck, 1 Jul 08

Who are you? What are you thinking about? What should we be thinking about? How can we make Worldchanging better?

For almost five years, we've been working to bring you the best in sustainability solutions, foresight and social innovation. In that time, we've published more than 8,000 articles, written an award-winning book, collaborated on a bunch of projects and participated in countless conversations, online and on tour.

Now we're ready to apply some innovation to improving ourselves. And you, our readers, know a lot about how we can best do that. We hope you will help guide our innovation process by telling us how we can make Worldchanging more inspiring and useful in your life. We'd also like to know a little bit more about you, how you work and the sources from which you draw your own insight and inspiration.

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By doing so, you'll be entered to win a limited-edition Worldchanging tote bag featuring the art of our award-winning book designer Stefan Sagmeister. Perhaps more importantly, you'll be helping to guide the development of this site over the next few years.

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I started to enter the survey. I hit the question about incomes is on the first page. I'm not an American, how do you suggest a non American approach this question? Do you want me to convert my income at today's exchange rate? I get annoyed, it makes me think you don't value the opinions of readers from outside the US. I give up answering the questions and write this.

Posted by: Don on 5 Jul 08

Dear Don,

Please don't take offense, it was merely an oversight.

We dearly appreciate our readers from outside the United States. But we have many non-U.S. readers, and it would be difficult to poll for each type of currency. I'll add a link to the survey for a handy online converter, for future survey takers.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Posted by: Sarah on 5 Jul 08



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