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Permapave and Green Infrastructure
Alex Steffen, 14 Jul 08
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We've written before about porous pavement, and the role it could play in helping to green our storm water infrastructure. Now Blaine tells us about a new one, Permapave:

Permapave attempts to address the storm water problem at the source. By allowing storm water to pass through paved surfaces, pressure on local pollution control facilities is reduced while underlying water tables are replenished with much-needed groundwater.

Developed in Australia and New Zealand, the bonded, natural-stone permeable pavers provide a simple and attractive solution to eliminate 100% of gross pollutants with a flow through rate of up to 7.5 gallons per second per square foot. The non-slip pavers are also strong enough to support light traffic areas, such as parking lots, driveways and bicycle paths.

Installed similarly to traditional brick pavers, the durable two-inch-thick material can also be specified as a storm water filtration system. When used in conjunction with a Permapave curbside or footpath bio-retention system, the Permapave system can filter up to 60% of phosphorus, 70% of heavy metals, and 98% of hydrocarbons from storm water, eliminating pollution before it permeates the ground.

For another cool resource, check out this album of green infrastructure photos.

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Would the Alaskan-Environment be considered, excessively severe, for this material?

Posted by: Brent Pieczynski on 14 Jul 08

so just as Germany is the world's solar leader, Australia has emerged as the leader in green water infrastructure... just in case it ever rains there again. it's a mad world...

Posted by: justus on 14 Jul 08

Checkout this wiki site great photos there, as well.

Posted by: Brice Maryman on 1 Aug 08



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