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Calling For Reader Reports: Cool Conferences this Fall


As much as we'd love to, we can't be everywhere that interesting discussions, conferences and events are taking place, even nearly as often as the opportunities pop up.

We do, however, have a uniquely intelligent, connected and engaged audience. And yes, we're talking to you. Since one of our main goals is to get smart, visionary people around the world to connect with one another, we encourage you to share your experiences with the Worldchanging community by posting thoughtful submissions.

Since our founding, we have always relied on our team at large: the 100-plus volunteer contributors from all over the globe to lend their insights, research and visions. They do it because they understand that when more people know about the solutions that are out there, we have a much better chance of rallying the necessary support to achieve sustainability -- and prosperity -- on a systemic scale. And we thank them.

This summer, a few members of Worldchanging's global audience have volunteered to write "Reader Reports" from conferences, workshops and other world changing happenings they've attended. So far, our readers have blogged from the audiences of OSCON in Portland, Ore. and the World Cities Summit in Singapore.

We love hearing and publishing your take on these events – both because we like to let others know what happened at these meetings of great minds, and also because we like to know that our readers are getting out there and swapping big and brilliant ideas with the best thinkers on the planet.

We've started a wish list of cool conferences, coming this fall, which we're dying to get an inside scoop on. If you're attending and would like to contribute your own report, please email editor[at]Worldchanging[dot]com.

2nd International Sustainability Conference
August 21-22 in Basel, Switzerland

AIA Danish Modern: Then and Now
August 31-September 4
Copenhagen, Denmark

COPENMIND (Focus on Cleantech)
September 1-3
Copenhagen, Denmark

Sustainable City and Creativity
September 24-26
Naples, Italy

Sustainable Cities and Communities
September 30-October 1
Geneva, Switzerland

CAET Alternative Energy Symposium
October 2-3
Chicago, USA

Education for an Open Architecture
October 19-22
Muncie, IN, USA

Pop!Tech 2008
October 22-25
Camden, ME, USA

If you'd like to write for Worldchanging in any capacity, we'd love to hear from you! Send your ideas to editor[at]worldchanging[dot]com.

Photo credit: flickr/Jacob Botter, licensed by Creative Commons.

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It's also worth noting that if you know of other events that are really worldchanging in their focus, we'd love to hear about those as well.

Posted by: Alex Steffen on 19 Aug 08

There is also:
Nutec- International Conference & Exhibition
(Nutec stands for Nutrients Upcycling Triple-Top-Line Eco-Effectiveness Community)
November 12- 14, 2008
Frankfurt, Germany

Posted by: Carl Chenery on 22 Aug 08

I just quickly wanted to mention that I was very happy to see this post as I don't think that anyone who is serious about sustainability should be flying to conferences etc (something which I have come across many times). I was also wondering if anyone had attended an online sustainability conference or any other "online" event? We all know it's not quite the same but I would be very intrigued to see the best ways in which it can be done because if successful it would make a huge difference to business flights. Thanks

Posted by: Ian Crawford on 23 Aug 08



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