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Pop!Tech Announces 2008 Lineup
Sarah Kuck, 15 Aug 08


This October, renowned ideas summit Pop!Tech will once again bring the world's social innovation network to the seaside town of Camden, Maine. (Check out our archives for Worldchanging coverage of past Pop!Tech conferences here and here.)

The planners of Pop!Tech have unveiled their program for "Pop!Tech 2008: Scarcity and Abundance," and we're excited to see that they are featuring Worldchanging comrades Clay Shirky and Malcom Gladwell. (You can read our Worldchanging Interview with Clay Shirky here, and watch Alex Steffen speak at Pop!Tech 2006 here.)

This year's conference brings together forward thinking specialists from vanguard epidemiologists to roboticists, pirate radio DJs to global health experts and more to discuss the "core scarcities humans and organizations will encounter this century – and how a wealth of new innovations, bottom-up approaches to collaboration and insights into collective wisdom."

Identifying situations of scarcity and situations of abundance -- and discussing solutions (in particular, opportunities for symbiotic, closed-loop resource management) is a sure step in the direction of sustainability. We can't wait to see the ideas that come out of this year's Pop!Tech!

Visit their website for a full lineup of this year's speakers, more information on the Pop!Tech community or to watch the Pop!Casts of past presentations.

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