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Headlines from Worldchanging Seattle (8/22/08)


Maybe it's because it's summer, but walkability has been on our minds a lot here in Seattle. In a city rife with so many vibrant neighborhoods and beautiful points of connection with the natural world, we want to make the most of our resources, because a city that welcomes and delights pedestrians helps support a healthy community and a healthy environment. You can read about leading plans and ideas for a more walkable Seattle in this week's feature story, Discussions For A Walkable Seattle.

Other recent posts ranged from the newly approved Seattle Center plan to a photo essay of beautiful sidewalk designs. Check out what's new:

Sidewalks: The City's Problem and Greenwood's Solution
Neighborhood activisits in Greenwood are developing a plan to help residents work with the city to fund and design the sidewalks of their dreams.

Washington Must Lead in LID
Low-impact development may be transitioning from a smart but voluntary green building option to a local requirement. So ... what is it, why is it important, and where can you find good examples around Seattle?

Sidewalks Can Be Cool ... So Why Aren't They?
Pedestrians don't need a red carpet, but it couldn't hurt. Our friends at HugeAssCity present a photo essay of some of the most stunning walking surfaces we've seen.

A Glimpse of Seattle's Architectural Future
In the United States, Seattle is an epicenter of cutting edge sustainable architecture, with one of the highest concentrations of sustainable buildings in the country. So who are the local firms to keep an eye on? A new gallery exhibit at AIA Seattle puts the leading innovators in the spotlight.

Smaller Homes, Bigger Communities
A Seattle-based architect is teaching the world that a small but efficiently designed home can improve your life well beyond your front door.

If you're in town, we'd like to hear from you! Check out the local blog and leave comments, or contact editor[at]Worldchanging[dot]com if you have ideas or would like to write.

Photo credit: flickr/iwona_kellie, licensed by Creative Commons.

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