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Free Data. Big Picture. Very Cool.

Education.jpg Which countries are healthiest, wealthiest and most educated?

The Gapminder knows. Powered by Trendalyzer and Google Spreadsheet, this free, open source, learning tool can help you investigate the world's sustainability issues right from your computer.

In this article, Alan AtKisson writes about why he loves this site:

Learn about education (see the chart; it's downloadable). Learn about the Millennium Development Goals, and watch little country-bubbles race toward the 2015 finish line. The thrill of victory for some, the very painful agony of defeat for others. (NB: Any American over 35 who watched ABC Wide World of Sports as a youngster will get the postmodern reference in the previous sentence.)
Oh, I could wax on in rhapsody about the wonderful service these folks have done, putting complex global data into a format anyone can understand, making the data tell its very important story ... and its all free. As it should be.
My only complaint concerns what they haven't gotten around to doing yet, things like energy, climate, biodiversity, number of lattes per capita. But what they've done is truly a beautiful thing, and not just to a global data geek. Ignore the numbers, if you're not so inclined, and enjoy it as art.

Read the full article: Free Data. Big Picture. Very Cool..

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One of those things I thought was fascinating, then promptly lost the link for. Not this time, though!

Thanks for re-posting!

Posted by: Tony Fisk on 2 Sep 08

I wish I'd had this tool when I was writing my book! Oh, the time it could've save me on researching topics like death rates in Malawi or average wages in China.

Seriously, anyone who needs statistics on annual income, health, poverty, economics... almost anything, will think they've hit the motherlode with this site.

I had to seek out and contact agencies around the globe for the stats I needed, which was very time-consuming, not least because invariably they wouldn't have the stats or wouldn't bother replying, so I'd have to start from scratch again.

Currently, I occasionally need stats for my blog so this will be a big help.

Great post. Very, very useful info. Thank you.
Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and eco-suspense thriller 'What if...?'

Posted by: Steve N. Lee on 2 Sep 08



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