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The Worldchanging Retrospective: Day 2
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Five years ago, on October 1, we launched Worldchanging as a venue to find, discuss and imagine the world's most innovative solutions to the planet's most pressing problems. Since then, we've found a great and diverse global community of readers, won prizes and awards, put out a best-selling book, and published 8,500 stories about how to change the world. In the process we've not only grown substantially (becoming the second largest sustainability site on the web, according to Nielsen online) but gathered an amazing network of allies who are among the world's leading sustainability thinkers.

On October 1 of this year, we'll be announcing our next major project. We're incredibly excited to be taking the editorial work we've developed over these last five years to the next level, and we hope that all of you will join us in trying to make that work as useful and innovative as possible. On that, more to come.

In the meantime, we thought we'd use September as an opportunity to review what we've done so far -- a sort of Worldchanging greatest hits. All this month, we'll be highlighting the tools, models and ideas for building a bright green future that have inspired us so far.

Here are a few of our favorites from the very beginning:

To-Do List for a Sustainable Civilization

If It Makes Money, It's Not a 'Cost'!

I (heart) Fluff

Water filters -- "All you need is terracotta clay, a compliant cow and a match."

Letter from Bangkok

Protecting Genetic Resources on the Deep Ocean Floor

Cory Doctorow: The WorldChanging Interview

Leapfrogging in Reverse

The Un-Electric Fridge

Electricity, Kyoto, and the African Sun

Ethan Zuckerman -- the WorldChanging Interview

Beyond Relief

Kid Energy

Goa's RUrbanism

Urban Sustainability, Mega-City Leapfrogging

This piece is a part of our month long retrospective leading up to our anniversary on Oct. 1. For the next four weeks, we'll celebrate five years of solutions-based, forward-thinking and innovative journalism by publishing the best of the Worldchanging archives.

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Great retrospective guys, especially for those of us new to Worldchanging.

Posted by: Pat Sunter on 4 Sep 08

Great retrospective guys, especially for those of us new to Worldchanging.

Posted by: Pat Sunter on 4 Sep 08



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